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Name: _______________________Learning Unit 6: Extreme Weather Review QuestionsThis assignment is designed to assess your understanding of Unit 6 and includes some of the Questions forReview at the end of Chapters 10, 15 and 14 from your text plus a few additional questions. Each question can be answered in one to two sentences. Please limit yourself to a maximum of three sentences. Access the assignment, complete it with ANSWERS IN A DIFFERENT COLOR FONT as a separate file, and send it back for evaluation and grading through the assignment tab by or before the due date. 1. What causes the Earth’s seasons, such as winter and summer?2. How do greenhouse gases warm the Earth’s atmosphere?3. An area of low atmospheric pressure is characterized by what kind of weather? 4. What is the equation for calculating relative humidity and how to changes in water vapor content and temperature effect relative humidity?5. What processes force air aloft?6. What is the main distinction between a cold front and a warm front? Why are storms found at both warm fronts and cold fronts?7. What causes adiabatic lapse rate and what effect does the adiabatic lapse rate have on a rising parcel of air?8. Why do clouds have a fairly well defined base at a particular altitude?9. What causes the Coriolis force and what effect does it have on free moving objects, including wind, in the northern hemisphere?10. Which way does the air rotate or circulate around a low pressure area?11. Why do you see lightening before you hear thunder? How far away is lightning if you hear the thunder 3 seconds after you see the flash of lightening?12. What causes the loud boom that we hear as thunder? 13. What can you feel that is a sign that you are at high risk of being struck by lightning? What should you do to avoid being killed by lightening if caught out in the open with no place to take cover?14. What process permits hailstones to grow to a large size?15. When is tornado season in the central United States?16. What is a wall cloud and what is it’s significance?17. In what direction do most mid-continent tornadoes travel along the ground and how fast do tornadoes move along the ground?18. What is the greatest danger (what causes the most deaths) from a tornado?19. What is used to classify the severity of tornadoes and what is the severity based on?20. How do weather forecasters watching weather radar identify an area that is likely to form tornadoes?21. If you do not have a tornado shelter, where in a home is the safest place to be? If you do not have a basement, where in the home is the safest place to be?22. When is hurricane season? Why then?23. Why do hurricanes track west from Africa towards North America rather than from North America towards Africa? And why do hurricanes generally curve northward as they approach the east coast of North America?24. Where in a hurricane are the winds strongest? (e.g. in the eye, just outside the eye,half way out to the outer fringe of the hurricane, at the outer fringe). 25. Why are skies clear in the eye of a hurricane?26. Where would the area of highest storm surge be compared with the eye of a major hurricane moving to the west? What local circumstance increase the height of storm surge?27. Of the main hazards in a hurricane, which causes the greatest amount of dollar damage? Which causes the greatest loss of life?28. What factors cause a hurricane to dissipate?29. Why does it take much longer to evacuate before arrival of a hurricane than most people expect?30. In what respect does a typical nor’easter differ from a

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