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UConn COMM 1000 - 1000 Words Assignment Description

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COMM 1000 1000 WORDS ASSIGNMENT 50 PointsYou are challenged to communicate using creative media. In this assignment, you will use photography to capture an element of college life. You are expected to take two photographs that you think show an element of your college experience and life here at UConn that you find interesting. You will provide a short, written caption for each photograph, and also provide one paragraph explaining what you feel these photographs communicate. The assignment is worth 50 points and is due via HuskyCT on Friday, January 8 at 11:59 PM. What you should do: - Use whatever device is most convenient to you for taking pictures. Cell phones are acceptable (most of us use our phones to take pictures already.) - Think through what college life means to you. What moments come to mind? What images come to mind? Obviously, there are many things to choose from – this assignment asks what stands out to you. What pictures could you take that really saysomething about your experience as a college student, and who you are?o Appropriateness: Your pictures should not include anything profane or wildlyunprofessional (avoid alcohol/drugs and R-rated content). This is not to say that your photos cannot be of a serious or realistic nature – certainly there are things that embody college life that are serious and “unfriendly,” but be aware of crossing the line. Additionally, photos taken in a private place where an individual can be clearly identified require the person’s consent. Photos taken in a public place usually do not require such consent (students workingat a public event on campus may expect to have their picture taken.) But whenever in doubt, ask for the person’s consent to use the photo in your project (even after you’ve taken the picture).- Take two photographs (or choose two, if you’ve taken more). You’re allowed to use editing and/or filters (such as those on Instagram or Photoshop) if you choose. With each photo, provide a caption: A few words describing what is happening in the photo. NOTE: Your photos MUST be new photos that you take specifically for this project – you cannot use old photos that you already have saved. You also CANNOT, under any circumstances, submit the same photograph as another student – both student projects will be graded as 0/50 if this is discovered, no exceptions. We review all photos! - Then, write one thorough paragraph describing the photos you’ve taken. Why did you take these photos? What do you think they say about your life? About your experiences? Is there a reason you selected the camera angles you did? The lighting or filters you did? Did you plan these photos in advance or did they randomly catch your attention? - Consider the rubric as you work on this assignment.How to submit this assignment: - Create a document (Microsoft Word .doc or docx) including your two images, the captions for each, and your descriptive paragraph. If you’re using your phone to takeyour photos, the easiest way to get them into your document is to email them to yourself. - Upload this document to HuskyCT using the “Attach File” button on the assignment

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