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Counseling is a form of ______.
Types of interviews:
journalistic research persuasive legal selection appraisal disciplinary diagnostic counseling
An interview is a communication interaction that is...
between two or more parties (individual or group) purposeful (at least one party has a goal)
Parties in an interview use questions, answers, statements, and actions to...
exchange information influence one another determine actions
Journalistic interview
primary goal is to gather information outcome should be a good story
Research interview:
Primary goal is to learn about a group of individuals Outcome should be valid and reliable data
Persuasive Interview
Primary goal: sell an idea or product Outcome should be a satisfied customer/person
Legal interview:
Primary goal: discover facts or gain information solve case assign guilt/responsibility
selection interview:
Primary goal: evaluation Outcome should be a good match
appraisal interview:
primary goal: to give feedback/evaluation outcome should be accurate evaluation
disciplinary interview
Primary goal: give feedback about issue Outcome should be a plan of action
Diagnostic interview:
Primary goal: identify problem Outcome should be an accurate diagnosis
Counseling Interview:
Primary goal: self-knowledge (differs depending on what client wants out of it) Outcome should be growth and change
values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and norms into which we are socialized.
2 main pieces to culture:
culture is a lot of different pieces We are not born w/ culture, it grows.
how one perceives his/her relationship to the world
examples of worldview:
Relationship to: time activity nature institutions people and relationship
one's understanding and expression of their 'self"
Each of us has ______ identities
Tripartite Development of personal Identity
Individual Group Universal
All individuals are in some respect like no other individuals Unique non-shared experiences
All individuals in some respects are like other individuals Culture, gender, race, SES, Age, Location, Religion, Partner status, ability/disability, sexual orientation
All individuals are in some aspects like all other individuals Ability to use symbols common life experiences Self awareness biological and physical systems
Culture, worldview, identity
Individual, group, universal
All communication is....
culturally based
The dynamic interplay of ____, _____, and _____ affects communication.
culture, worldview, and identity

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