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Selection Interviews

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Selection Interviews


Material for exam 2

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Counpsy 650 - Theory and Practice in Interviewing
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CounsPsych 650 Lecture 11 Outline of Last Lecture I Information gathering interviews a Journalistic b Occupational c Research Outline of Current Lecture I Get the interview a Clues b Cover letter resume c Curriculum vita II Get the job admission to grad school a Basic professional etiquette b Interview questions c Prepare for interview self Current Lecture Selection Interviews Overview I Get the interview o Know thyself o Know employer do research o Goodness of fit TWA correspondence o Clues for interviews Professors advisors Job listings These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Organization publications Current students volunteers Occupational info interview o Cover letter resume persuasive documents 1 Impression management 2 Ideas of professionalism 3 Ideas about honesty 4 Longevity 5 Representation misrepresentation of skills o Cover letter Your introduction capture interest Assert qualifications in narrative as they relate to the specific job company Compliment resume without duplication Do s Make good case for match between you and position applying for Show how you are unique in your ability to add value to organization Focus on qualifications for position TWA skills Provide example of writing abilities Convey interest in position eagerness to be considered o Resume Documents experience accomplishments The evidence to back up your self assertions Should be adjusted to include pertinent qualifications experiences Elements Objective optional specific to job General ambitious responsible worker eager to begin an entry level position where I can utilize my organizational and time management skills to help better the company Childcare Eager to build long term relationship with a school and become a lead teacher in a classroom where I can help plan Build relationships with parents and children Education start most recent at top Work history most transferrable to job near top Leadership experiences Volunteer philanthropic activities Awards honors Academic awards scholarships Membership in campus Leadership positions held in campus University and community service positions Work related awards honors Special skills Make them transferrable Use superlatives o excellent o extensive Avoid being overly general o I am a people person o knowledgeable about computers Descriptions of what you did in current previous positions Bullet points Quantify whenever possible hrs Active phrasing start w power verbs ex build assist list on L S website o Curriculum Vita Longer than resume unlimited pages Education Publications and presentations Awards commendations scholarships grants Service and other related activities All other related experience Full list of references o L S career services resources II Get the job admission to grad school o Basic professional etiquette Arrive early Great pleasantly Don t use employers first name unless invited to do so Don t extend hand first Never sit before interviewer does o Interview Questions Situational behavioral questions past behavior is going to predict future behavior Ex Can you name a time you were stuck in a situation and give me an example of a time when you had conflict with colleague how did you resolve it Give ex of when had to deal with deadline Responding to these STAR method Situation Task describe challenge expectations Action detail what you did to accomplish Result emphasize positive results what did you learn Projective questions how did you react respond Ability to be flexible how you engage with question creativity innovation Ex if you can be any part of a Big Mac what part would you be and why Ex describe an imaginary colleague that you would like to work with if you had million to design research study what would you do Puzzle questions Ex how would you weigh airplane without a scale High stress unanswerable assess ability to think on feet and deal with ambiguity Reveal important personality characteristics Use with less experienced applicants What questions do you have for me you should prepare 3 5 beforehand things couldn t get from website brochure ex opportunity for advancement Do s Express interest and determine fit TWA Prepare ahead of time Don ts I don t have any questions Avoid reverse interviewing o Preparing for Interview Self Know yourself Who are you What are your experiences What influences your interest What are values worldview What are strengths weakness What are your personal skills What do you bring to company that is unique Know the Organization know about company goals mission economic position client base needs know position work tasks expectations do your homework website recruitment brochure annual report publicity materials job listing o Frequent employer complaints Inability to ask intelligent questions Lack of info about organization Inability to express self well Poor appearance and careless dress o Grad admission complaints Lack of interpersonal awareness Lack of understanding about program field Few questions asked Applying for the wrong reasons I have mental disorder and I want to help people with mental disorders not reason you applied making change growth Self efficacy increases as preparation increases Thank you email Take home point impression management o Self promotion can be good Interviews expect you to polish your image and present past experiences in a positive light o Image creation is problematic Creating images that are inconsistent with your true self have adverse effects on interviews

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