UW-Madison COUNPSY 650 - Principles of Communication (5 pages)

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Principles of Communication

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Principles of Communication


Materials for first exam

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Counpsy 650 - Theory and Practice in Interviewing

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Coun Psych 650 Lecture 2 Outline of Last Lecture I Introduction to Counseling Psychology II Counseling Interviewing III General Communication Concepts IV Interviews 1 Basic attending skills 2 Definition 3 Types of interviews V Cultural Communicator 1 Worldview definition 2 Identity definition 3 Individual Group Universal IDU 4 Culture worldview identity CWI Outline of Current Lecture I Values Worldview a Dimensions II Meta communication n a Definition b Difference between communication meta communication III Self awareness in communication a What is the self IV Defining terms a Self concept b Self esteem c Self efficacy V Johari Window a Expanding the open quadrant b Shrinking blind quadrant These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o VI VII VIII IX Perceptual Biases a Types Person Perceptions a Based on others b Based on our Levels of self awareness Take home points Current Lecture Values and Worldview Dimensions o Time focus values orientation past present future o Human activity values orientation being being becoming doing o Social relations values orientation lineal collaborative individualistic o People nature values orientation subjugation of harmony with mastery over Also understand people will all have different values worldviews Cultural communicators Culture worldview are highly correlated o How you think the world works Identity one s understanding and expression of their self o o Ethnic identity racial identity gender identity sexual identity Salience of identities varies among and within individuals The values and beliefs in which you are socialized Culture will influence the way you frame or perceive the world to work Worldview and the way in which you make meaning and manifest it Identity Fluid process between all of these interchangeably Meta communication n Communication about the nature of the conversation Difference between communication

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