UWL MIC 230 - Types of Bacteria (3 pages)

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Types of Bacteria

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Types of Bacteria


Lecture 5, went over the similarity and differences of bacteria and archaea, gram negative and gram positive cell walls.

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University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Mic 230 - Fundamentals of Microbiology

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Mic 230 1st Edition Lecture 5 Current Lecture 1 Bacteria cell membrane 2 Archaea cell membrane a Difference in lipid chemistry i Uses an ether bond NOT ester to link side chains to glycerol in phospholipids ii Side chains are hydrocarbons made up of isoprene units NOT fatty acids iii Some Archaea form lipid monolayers NOT bilayers Difference is in the side chains of the phospholipids need to be specific 3 Function same all 3 domains vital break cm cell dies a Permeability barrier i Due to lipid bilayer ii Physical barrier due to hydrophilic hydrophobic hydrophilic 1 Charged molecules can NOT cross regardless of size iii Keeps things out AND in iv Membrane is selectively permeable due to proteins b Protein anchor i 3000 or so types many functions MAJOR function is TRANSPORT ii Transport can be active or passive there are only so many transporters 1 Passive a Simple diffusion b Facilitated diffusion i Protein helps cross 2 Active transport requires energy a 3 types of active transport i Simple transport driven by proton motive force in cell membrane ii Group translocation modify chemical as brought in typical modification phosphorylation These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute iii ABC system ATP binding cassette c Energy conservation 4 BACK TO TALKING ABOUT CELL WALL FROM PREVIOUS LECTURE a Function i Provide shape ii Provides strength 1 Water generally wants in turgor pressure iii A few bacteria without a cell wall Mycoplasma Thermoplasma b Bacteria 2 types of cell walls i Gram negative stain pink and gram positive stain purple are NOT capitalized 1 Gram positive have a smoother layer while gram negative have a rougher surface and more layers 2 Both have peptidoglycan PG ONLY FOUND IN BACTERIA small acceptation a Amino sugar backbone i N acetylglucosamine ii N acetylmuramic acid ONLY FOUND IN BACTERIA and easy to test for b Also have a peptide cross linker

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