UA POL 202 - Prisoners Dilemma (3 pages)

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Prisoners Dilemma

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Prisoners Dilemma


Chapter Two and Three

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Pol 202 - International Relations

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POL 202 Int Relations Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture II Game Theory A Tool for analyzing interactions a Two actors C D B Strategies a Dominance definition of dominant strategy i 3 Games 1 Prisoners Dilemma 2 Chicken 3 Stag Hunt III Value of Game Theory how these games apply to the relations internationally IV Cooperation and Bargaining i Definition of cooperation ii Definition of Bargaining iii Parecto Frontier Outline of Current Lecture I Regulation of Gene Transcription II Definition of regulon III Alternative Methods of Gene Regulation at the Transcriptional Level Quorum Sensing and the Two Component System IV V Methods of Gene Regulation at the Translational Level Introduction to Mutations Current Lecture I The Prisoners dilemma a If you take the role of A1 and wanting to decide what choice you want to pick if you know that A2 will cooperate then you know that it will defect You as A1 will be better off defecting Even though both would be better off defecting b Individual incentive to defect undermines the collective interest to cooperate c An example during the cold war the best strategy for both the US and Soviet Union was to defect and keep building weapons i In international logics if you sign an agreement you are not fully bound to the agreement nothing else counts ii There is a lateral incentive to break agreements if you are better off iii Soviet and US started signing agreements Ronald Raegan trust but verify a Only way to verify arms agreement was to spy technology without going into their country and then we started signing agreements used missiles to take pictures d A collaboration Problem i Public Goods are socially desirable products defined by two qualities 1 Nonexcludable 2 Nonrival in consumption a National defense is a private good ii Some examples national defense clean air and water and environmental issues iii Efforts to produce public goods are hindered by collective action problems 1 Each actor aims to benefit from the good without

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