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Game Theory

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Game Theory


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Pol 202 - International Relations

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POL 202 Int Relations Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I Preventive War against Iraq II Important Questions a Why do state leaders make certain decisions i Interests ii Interactions iii Institutions b Actors and Interests i State ii The concept of Sovereignty iii States as actors iv Origins of interest c Interactions i What actors have to do ii Strategy iii Understanding III IV Methods of Gene Regulation at the Translational Level Introduction to Mutations Outline of Current Lecture II Game Theory A Tool for analyzing interactions a Two actors C D B Strategies a Dominance definition of dominant strategy i 3 Games 1 Prisoners Dilemma 2 Chicken 3 Stag Hunt III Value of Game Theory how these games apply to the relations internationally IV Cooperation and Bargaining i Definition of cooperation ii Definition of Bargaining iii Parecto Frontier Current Lecture I A Primer on Game Theory a A tool for analyzing strategic interactions b Two actors actor 1 and actor 2 can either cooperate C or defect D i The mapping of choices into outcomes is the best depicting using a 2x2 matrix ii There are 4 possibilities to the game 1 Both cooperate CC 2 Both defect DD 3 I and One CD 4 And vice versa DC iii Both actors choose simultaneously without knowledge of the others choice 1 Strategic interaction depends on the choices of all relevant actors iv Outcomes are contingent on the choices of all parties 1 Rational actors choose strategies that are a best response to anticipated actions of others v Dominant Strategy an actor makes the same choice regardless of what opponent does 1 Although sometimes a players best choice depends on what the opponent does 2 Equilibrium an outcome that arises from each side playing best response strategies a Actors have no incentive to unilaterally 3 Three distinct games a Prisoners Dilemma b Chicken c Stage Hunt 4 Prisoners Dilemma a Two criminals robbed bank and hide the money b Put them in separate cells i The can either cooperate or defect 1 If you rate

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