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WINE APPRECIATION TEST 1 EXAM 2024 WITH 100 ACCURATE SOLUTIONS Name 3 varieties of Vitis Vinifera ANSWER Chardonnay Cabernet Sauvignon Zinfandel Vitis Vinifera vines planted on their own rootstocks are susceptible to a louse called ANSWER Phylloxera How can Vitis Vinifera vines be made immune to the effects of phylloxera ANSWER By grafting onto immune American rootstock What are the taste characteristics of a young Cabernet Sauvignon based wine are generally what concentration ANSWER fruit high tannin deep color easy to drink What are the characteristics of red wine made from Gamay grapes ANSWER generally light simple Why is canopy management necessary ANSWER to achieve optimum production and ripeness What are crossover wines and give 2 examples ANSWER Suitable for accompanying a wide array of red meats white meats and seafood items ex Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Give 2 examples of hybrids ANSWER Vidal and Vignoles Why is pruning done on the vines ANSWER It restricts the number of bunches that will be produced each year What is a trellis ANSWER The support system for the vine that allows the bunches and leaves to be placed in a desired position Compared to Cabernet Sauvignon what kind of grapes will Merlot generally produce ANSWER A wine that is softer smoother and more accessible Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley or New Zealand generally shows what characteristics ANSWER It shows characteristics of barely ripe green fruit and high acidity Syrah will usually produce what kind of wine ANSWER Strong sturdy wines of deep purple color How would a full bodied white wine with deep yellow color and complex aromas and flavors be produced ANSWER It would be produced by fermentation and aging in small wooden barrels Where does the color of red wine come from ANSWER The pigments in red grape skins Where are tannins extracted from ANSWER grape skins wooden barrels and grape stems What is carbonic maceration generally used for ANSWER To produce red wines that are lighter in color and lower in tannins The term fermented in this bottle indicates what ANSWER A sparkling wine made b method champenoise Why is riddling used ANSWER It is used in sparkling wine process to move the sediment into the neck of the bottle after the second fermentation in the bottle How is the final sweetness level of sparkling wine determined ANSWER It is determined by the amount of sugar in the final dosage What color is a wine label on Zinfandel ANSWER Red What does the term dry mean ANSWER Indicates that the wine is not sweet How are the bubbles in sparkling wines produced ANSWER They are produced by a second fermentation in the bottle The year 1996 printed on a label indicates that the wine was made from grapes harvested in what year ANSWER 1996 What does the term non vintage mean ANSWER Non vintage indicates that the wine is a blend of wines from two or more harvests How is alcoholic fermentation caused ANSWER It is caused by the interaction of sugar and yeasts What are the products of the alcoholic fermentation ANSWER alcohol carbon dioxide heat As the sugar content of the grapes increase during the growing season the acids ANSWER falls Grapes grown in cooler climates generally produce wines that are what ANSWER Wines with low to moderate alcohol and high acids The scale used to measure sugar in grape juice in the U S is the scale ANSWER brix What are the colors of wines made from red grapes ANSWER red white and rose What is Chaptalization ANSWER The process of adding sugar to grape juice before and during fermentation to achieve higher alcohol levels What does malolactic fermentation do ANSWER It reduces total acidity gives the wine a smoother texture and creates carbon dioxide What is botrytis ANSWER It is a mold that shrivels grapes and concentrates sugars in the grapes What technique is used to increase clarity ANSWER racking and fining What does a translucent pink purple color indicate ANSWER A young red wine low in tannins What is aroma ANSWER A term used to describe the smell of the grape variety in wine What is sediment ANSWER It is created in as older bottled wine by the combination of pigments and tannins that fall out of the wine A twelve year old Chardonnay that was made from grapes harvested in a rainy vintage would have colors ANSWER amber What is tartaric acid ANSWER It is the major acid found in wine What does the description of being complex mean in wine tasting ANSWER I means the wine has a lot of different smells and tastes What does tannins feel like to the mouth ANSWER It makes the mouth pucker or feel dried out What is an example of horizontal tasting ANSWER A tasting of eight 1990 Barolo wines from different producers What is periage ANSWER Periage is the term used to describe the action of the bubbles in sparkling wines What is the front of the tongue most sensitive to ANSWER Sweetness What is overly aggressive and unpleasant to taste at lower temperatures ANSWER Tannins What are tartrates ANSWER The crystal deposits sometimes found in wines A green tinge in a straw color wine indicates what ANSWER a cool growing region What is an example of a vertical tasting ANSWER 8 different vintages of Porto What is finish ANSWER the length of quality of the aftertaste of a wine

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