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POOL OPERATORS LICENSE TEST EXAM 2024 how many water related injuries occur annually according to the CDC ANSWER 140 000 Diving Rules ANSWER no diving in under 6ft of water and only dive from boards or stands shallow end stairs rules ANSWER must have hand rail for built in stairs who is responsible for maintaining the operation log ANSWER the certified pool operator main drain of the pool ANSWER strongest suction that may result in entrapment or drowning how many letters or stairs are the minimum requirement ANSWER 2 What is filtration ANSWER the physical process of removing suspended particles from the pool water what is channeling ANSWER damaging condition that occurs over time in a sand filter what is backwashing ANSWER process of removing accumulated particles inside a sand filter what is the rate of high rate sand filters ANSWER 15 25 gallons per minute per square foot what is the volume of water going through filter system measured in ANSWER gallons per minute turnover rate for swimming pool ANSWER 6 hours equation for surface area or rectangle or square pool ANSWER length x width surface area surface area equation for circular pool ANSWER pie r 2 SA equation for volume of swimming pool ANSWER L W D 7 48 what is the definition of turnover rate ANSWER amount of time it takes for the total volume of pool water to pass through the circulation system equation for minimum required flow rate ANSWER volume of pool turnover rate 60 why does algae form in swimming pool ANSWER because of pool water circulation what can black algae lead to ANSWER it can penetrate into the plaster of the pool surface and cause damage and is the most difficult type of algae to contorl how do you remove stains from interior pool surface ANSWER drained and acid washed what does chlorine gas require ANSWER needs to be stored in room that is well ventilated because it is heavier than air recommended level of free chlorine in a swimming pool ANSWER 1 to 10 parts per million ppm what does shocking the pool do ANSWER eliminate a chlorine odor emanating from a pool usually from chloramines what does adding chlorine to water do ANSWER sanitize the water and prevent algae growth what does adding liquid or dry chlorine do ANSWER raise the PH chlorine not only kills germs but ANSWER will oxidize organize matter in pool water when performing superchlorination to oxidize the combined chlorines ANSWER the level of free chlorine should be raised to 10x the level of combined chlorine s in the pool water maximum safe temp of spa pool water ANSWER 104 F what does the main drain do and where is it located ANSWER removes sediments and is at the deep end what does a sequestering agent used for ANSWER prevent precipitation of minerals on pool surfaces sunlight hot weather and high bather load lead to ANSWER accelerated growth of algae high turbidity can cause ANSWER microorganisms to be shielded from disinfectants if they are suspended particles filtration malfunction excessive bather load chemical imbalance of pool water can cause ANSWER cloudy water when is the filter backwash cycle for sand filter conplete ANSWER when the backwash water appears clear in the sight glass what does it mean when there is no chlorine in the vat ANSWER the injection filter system is clogged or the tube assembly needs to be changed it could cause the hypochlorinator to not work if there is no chlorine in the water and the pool operator has to hand feed the chlorine in the food then ANSWER you just wait 30 before allowing ppl back in why is the pump so important ANSWER because the pool defends on the pump any damage to the pump will shut down the recirculating system and therefore the pool in event of fecal contamination ANSWER the pool should remove w skimmer and chlorine should be raised to 3 0 ppm The pool can reopen after 1 hour if it was hard stool if it was soft than 2 Vomit is the same as loose stool how often should the pool operator measure the PH and chlorine levels ANSWER every hour every filter system has ANSWER influent and effluent pressure gauges and flow matter are ozone and Uv water disinfection acceptable methods in pools ANSWER no every pool has free combined and total chlorine ANSWER total chlorine free chlorine combined chlorine total dissolved solids include ANSWER body and hair lotions swimmer waste organize or inorganic chemicals These make the water taste bad look dull and reduce chlorine effectiveness typical swimming pool has 7 major components ANSWER basin motorized pump water filter chemical feeder drains returns and plumbing These components must be selected correctly to ensure proper mechanical balance The VA Graeme Baker pool and spa safety act requires ANSWER every pool and spa to have either duel main drains or an anti entrapment device ideal bromine level in a pool is ANSWER 1 5 6 0 ideal bromine level in spa ANSWER 3 0 10 0 maximum level of chlorine in pool and spa is ANSWER 10 pool water must be tested every ANSWER 24 hours physical barries around a pool must be ANSWER 42 inches in height what is the minimum of deck around entire pool perimeter ANSWER 4 feet what is a possible cause of bubbles coming up from a return ANSWER bad seal on the hair lint strainer not properly closed most common form of algae ANSWER green when doing PH test and sample turns yellow what does it mean ANSWER pH is too low When doing the pH test and the sample turns purple what does it mean ANSWER pH is too high what do u do if a patron complains of a chlorine smell and their eyes are stinging ANSWER raise the chlorine to breakpoint level if the telephone at the pool doesn t work ANSWER close the pool what should you use when handling chemicals ANSWER Personal Protective Equipment Gloves Goggles Apron what happens if the alkalinity level is too low ANSWER pH is difficult to maintain the water will cause damage to the pool walls flow rate ANSWER turnover rate filter media rate add chemicals to water ANSWER DO NOT add water to chemicals How do you lower calcium hardness level ANSWER Drain water out and add fresh water Dilute the water what should you have if the water is deeper than 5 ft ANSWER Put up a safety line and have a slope line mark If the chlorinator is working and you have chlorine in the vat what is a possible reason for the chlorine reading being 0 ANSWER The test could be bleached chlorine level is too high What kind of filter media filters the smallest particles ANSWER Diatomaceous Earth DE the strongest suction in the

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