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WINE APPRECIATION MIDTERM EXAM 2024 WITH 100 ACCURATE SOLUTIONS history s greatest viticultural disaster It attacks Vitis Vinifera species and kills the plan ANSWER Phylloxera Vastatrix Phylloxera ANSWER A type of louse The only method of preventing Phylloxera is to onto American Vitis Labrusca hearty disease resistant root stock ANSWER Graft Vinifera 1 Tannin from skins seeds and stems 2 Yeast in the form of waxy layer on skins 3 Sugar when pressed ANSWER Grape is the perfect fruit for wine making because Table Wine Still Sparkling Bubbles Dessert Fortified Flavored Vermouth ANSWER Four Categories of Wine Where grapes grow between 30 degrees and 50 degrees North and South of the equator ANSWER Temperature Wine Belt Conditions that help vines thrive ANSWER Light Rocky Soils Not suitable for fine wine grape growing ANSWER Tropical Climates French term used in wine world It is the combination of grape variety soil climate vineyard characteristics that all together produce a wine of a particular unique character ANSWER Terroir when the grape bunch taking on color becoming ripe before harvest Ripening from green to gold white or purple red ANSWER Veraison Grapes are harvested when and are at optimal levels ANSWER Sugar Acidity Formula for Fermentation ANSWER Sugar Yeast Alcohol CO2 Heat Grape sugars are measured in degrees ANSWER Brix Malolactic Fermentation converts harsh malic acid into softer ANSWER Lactic Acid dead yeast cells left after fermentation ANSWER Lees Allowing wine to age on dead cells lees ANSWER Sur lie Aging moving wine from one vessel to another to clarify and oxygenate ANSWER Racking A major difference in making red wine is skin contact with the juice to extract extra color ANSWER Extended Maceration Riesling Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay ANSWER White Wines Pinot Noir Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon ANSWER Red Wines 1 Light water or skim milk 2 Medium whole milk 3 Full heavy cream ANSWER Body of Wine Can Be Sweetness in wine is also known as ANSWER Residual Sugar Acidity in wine is felt on ANSWER Sides of the tongue causes a drying sensation in the mouth ANSWER Tannin American Viticultural Area ANSWER A V A Grape name ANSWER Varietal The year the grapes were picked of the vine ANSWER Vintage Sugar Alcohol ANSWER Soft Components in Wine Tannin Acid ANSWER Hard Components in Wine The area of origin of the grapes ANSWER Appellation the species of grape most commonly used to produce wine ANSWER Vitis Vinifera can be added as a preservative and anti oxidant to improve shelf life of a wine ANSWER Sulfur Regions in Europe ANSWER Old World See Swirl Smell Sip ANSWER Order in Evaluating Wine the most important part in the wine evaluation process ANSWER Smell signs of alcohol ANSWER Legs or tearing on glass Method Used to Combat use of wind machines heat from fire pots ANSWER Frost Method Used to Combat Canopy Management ANSWER Heat Stress Method Used to Combat Irrigate Drop or Overhead ANSWER Drought Method Used to Combat Netting ANSWER Birds Method Used to Combat Sound Netting ANSWER Animals Method Used to Combat Vines sprayed with anti fungal powders ANSWER Fungus Oak barrels used in aging wine add flavor and complexity to a wine Smaller oak imparts flavor ANSWER More Some flavors that come from barrel aging ANSWER Vanilla Smokey Caramel Woody etc growing grapes without the use of man made substances No chemicals whatsoever ANSWER Organic Viticulture Certified organic growing is less than 2 of growers do so organically ANSWER Rare They do all the things to take care of the land but can use pesticides if needed More prevalent ANSWER Sustainable Viticulture Comes from Portuguese oak trees It is natural and renewable ANSWER Cork Cork allows some exchange ANSWER Oxygen Best used for young wines ANSWER Screw Caps Complement Contrast Echo ANSWER Food Wine Pairing Methods 88 red wines Large Growing Region ALL wines are blends by law ANSWER Bordeaux Region Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Cabernet Franc Malbec Petite Verdot Carmenere ANSWER Red Grapes in Bordeaux Most widely planted grape in Bordeaux ANSWER Merlot in Bordeaux Left Bank and Right Bank ANSWER 2 Divisions of Bordeaux divided by River Gironde Cabernet Sauvignon Bordeaux Region ANSWER Left Bank Predominant Wine Merlot Bordeaux Region ANSWER Right Bank Predominant Wine 1855 ANSWER Year of Bordeaux Wine Classification Chateaus in Medoc were ranked in preparation for the World Fair Napolean III ANSWER Why were Wines Classified in Bordeaux Lafite Latour and Margaux ANSWER 3 Medoc Estates Elevated from 2nd Growth to 1st in 1973 ANSWER Mounton Rothschild Dictated Price Going Forward ANSWER Chateaux Ranking 1 5 290 000 AC Warm Dry 98 000 AC Cool Moist ALL Blends Large Chateaus ANSWER Bordeaux Size Climate Wine Blend Chateau NO Blending Many Small Holdings ANSWER Burgundy Size Climate Wine Blend Chateau Dry Crisp Whites Full Bodied Tannic Reds ANSWER Bordeaux Wine Style Elegant Complex Whites Elegant Silky Reds ANSWER Burgundy Wine Style 8 of 12 Originated in France ANSWER Noble Varietal Origins Geographic Region ANSWER France Names Wine by Vin de Table 17 Vin de Pays 34 Appellation D Origine Controlle 48 ANSWER French Classification System 1 Which Grapes can be Grown in Which Region 2 Minimal Level of Sugar 3 Amount of Grapes at Harvest 4 Methods in Vineyard and in Winery 5 Bottled in Same Region as the Appellation ANSWER A O C Regulates Highest Classification of French Wine within AOC Classification System Most Restrictions Most Expensive ANSWER Grand Cru Chablis Cote D Or Cote Chalonnaise Maconnais Beaujolais ANSWER Districts in Burgundy Red Pinot Noir Gamay White Chardonnay ANSWER Red and White Grape Varietals in Burgundy 100 Chardonnay ANSWER Chablis Varietal Cote de Nuits Pinto Noir Cote de Beaune Chardonnay ANSWER Cote D Or 2 Parts and Varietals 85 Chardonnay ANSWER Maconnais Varietal Gamay ANSWER Beaujolais Varietal Not crushed but instead fermented and burtsts ANSWER Carbonic Maceration Gamay Classified by Ranking of Land and Where Grapes Grow on the Slope ANSWER Burgundy Classification Northern Most Region Solid Chalky Soil ANSWER Champagne Region Come from Secondary Fermentation that Occurs in the Bottle ANSWER Champagne Bubbles Harvest is done by Hand ANSWER Harvest in Champagne is done by La Cuvee ANSWER First Pressing of Juice Grape Variety Vineyards Vintages ANSWER Champagne is a Blend of Lees ANSWER Dead Yeast Cells Autolysis ANSWER Aging on Dead Yeast Cells Liqueur de Tirage ANSWER Addition of Sugar and Yeast to Start

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