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WINE APPRECIATION MIDTERM EXAM 2024 WITH 100 ACCURATE SOLUTIONS T F iIt s always best to pair a high quality wine with lower quality food to accentuate the wine ANSWER False both should match If trying to make a pairing using the concept of mirroring the best match to a crisp dry Pinot Grigio with green apple and mineral flavors would be ANSWER A light pork dish served with apple compote Which 2 characteristics in wine are best when paired with dishes that have a high fat content ANSWER Acid and tannins T F It s always a good idea to match full bodied wines with heavy dishes ANSWER True Which 2 taste sensations bring out the positive flavor characteristics of a food wine ANSWER Sour and salty T F In almost every case the determination of a wine pairing should be based only on the protein meat component of a dish ANSWER False should involve all aspects T F When pairing a sweet wine with desserts it s always best for the dessert to be sweeter than the wine ANSWER False wine should be sweeter than the dessert T F It s best to avoid red wines with strong tannins when making a pairing with spicy foods ANSWER True T F It s never a good idea to pair white wines with red meats and red wines with white meats ANSWER False Spicy foods are best matched with ANSWER Sweet white wines T F Greece is considered the 1st European region to produce wine ANSWER True Difficulties faced by Greek winemakers trying to sell their wines on the international market 3 ANSWER 1 Grow many unfamiliar indigenous grapes 2 Their wines are often associated with low grade retsinas 3 Failure to modernize caused their industry to fall behind other regions NOT because they lack an organized system of wine laws New World Wine Country ANSWER Australia New Zealand US S Africa Chile Argentina Uruguay Canada T F An Old World style wine cannot be produced in CA ANSWER True T F On average New World countries are warmer than Old World countries ANSWER True If tasting a powerful fruit forward wine it is best to describe that wine as being in style NW OW ANSWER New World It s common for winemakers in the to label their wines by the main grape variety used to produce the wine ANSWER New World CA grows a red grape that has no other large plantings anywhere else in the world The grape produces jammy high alcohol wines with hints of black pepper What s the name of this grape ANSWER Zinfandel For a bottle of American wine labeled Sauvignon Blanc what s the minimum of Sauvignon Blanc grapes that needed to be used in the production of the wine ANSWER 75 If a label states an American Viticultural Area what s the minimum of the grapes that must have been grown in that AVA region ANSWER 85 CA is most important wine region in the US responsible for around of American wine production ANSWER 90 Napa Valley is most famous for its wines ANSWER Cabernet Sauvignon

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