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WINE APPRECIATION EXAM 2024 WITH 100 ACCURATE SOLUTIONS The grape is made of three major components ANSWER 1 Pulp juice acid sugar flavor 2 Skin tannin flavor color 3 Seeds stem bitter Veraison ANSWER The change in color in growing grapes that indicates the beginning of ripening i e from green to red Viticulture ANSWER The science and process of cultivating wine grapes Vintage ANSWER Harvest Usually associated with the year if 2006 is listed on the bottle then 95 of the grapes used to make the wine were picked that season Viniculture ANSWER The science and process of making wine Varietal ANSWER The wine gets it s name from the name of the grape as long as a certain minimum is used US is lowest in the world at 75 What are a WHITE and a RED grape variety ANSWER Riesling and Zinfandel What are two RED grape varieties ANSWER Shiraz and Pinot Noir Vitis vinifera ANSWER Latin name for EUROPEAN grape varieties Vitus lambrusca Vitus riparia ANSWER Latin name for NATIVE AMERICAN grape varieties T F Table grapes have a higher sugar content than wine grapes ANSWER False T F When making white wine the grapes are fermented first and then pressed ANSWER False White wine fermentation ANSWER Pressed and skins removed prior then fermented just the juice 45 55 degrees cooler Red wine fermentation ANSWER Fermented then pressed in the tank to release tannin 75 85 degrees warmer Free run wine falls by gravity Press wine falls to bottom and presses it out The decision to harvest is based on a temp of the vineyard b when veraison occurs c acid and tannin of the grapes d sugar content and color of the grapes e none of the above ANSWER e None of the above Spicy lychee grapefruit floral ANSWER Gewurztraminer Fresh grapes and flowers slight citrus and apple ANSWER Chenin blanc Black cherry toast vanilla smoke cassis full body with strong tannins ANSWER Cabernet sauvignon Raspberry and strawberry jam cherry earthy fresh dirt complex and layered ANSWER Pinot noir Astringent chemical found in the skins stems and seeds of grapes a Umami b Malic acid c Sulfites d Citric acid e None of the above ANSWER e None of the above The chemical is Tannin Tannin adds structure to the wine and acts ANSWER As a natural preservative If the year on the bottle is listed as 1998 then ANSWER The grapes were picked in 1998 Body ANSWER The mouth feel of the wine and how it coats the palate How a wine feels in your mouth Balance ANSWER The interaction or lack of between fruit acid alcohol and tannin Aroma ANSWER The primary and usually strongest presence smell of grape and fruit flavors in wine The 2 components of FINISH are ANSWER 1 Length of time on palate 2 Pleasant or unpleasant The first step in the sensory analysis of wine a smell b feel c taste d touch e none of the above ANSWER e None of the above Acid is generally recognized by what area of the tongue ANSWER The sides Primary purpose of racking ANSWER To remove dead yeast cells T F A wine made with mature fruit flavors toast cigar box and vanilla overtones was most likely fermented and or aged in wood barrels ANSWER True T F Malolactic fermentation is induced in red wines by the wine maker but happens naturally in white wines ANSWER False American burgundy a comes from a specific area b contains 95 pinot noir c is considered a varietal d is the same quality as French burgundy e none of the above are true ANSWER e None of the above are true The most significant influence on the California wine industry ANSWER Prohibition The specific procedure used to correct phylloxera ANSWER Graft European vine to American root Robert Mondavi ANSWER Considered the Godfather of the California wine industry In the US if 85 of the grapes come from a specific area then that area is called ANSWER American Viticultural Area AVA What is California s most famous AVA ANSWER Napa Valley Which of the following is NOT a requirement of the AOP in France a The name of the principal grape used must appear on the front label b Maximum production levels c Specific boundaries of regions d Minimum alcohol content e All of the above are requirements ANSWER a The name of the principal grape used must appear on the front label Minimum production of AOP grapes ANSWER Preserves nutrients Principal RED grape varieties of BORDEAUX ANSWER Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot Principal WHITE grape varieties of BORDEAUX ANSWER Sauvignon blanc and semillion The highest classification of wine in Bordeaux is identified by the name of the on the label ANSWER Chateau Almost always a blend T F Lower production of grapes will result in lower quality wine ANSWER False Principal RED grape variety of BURGUNDY ANSWER Pinot noir Gamay Principal WHITE grape variety of BURGUNDY ANSWER Chardonnay The highest classification of wine in Burgundy is identified by the name of the on the label ANSWER Vineyard 100 varietal The Burgundy districts of Chablis Maconnais and Cote donuts all have one thing in common ANSWER All white wine is made with Chadonnay grapes Which of the following would NOT be an element of terrior a Soil b Insects and birds c Sunlight d Drainage e Rainfall ANSWER b Insects and birds T F Wines that are made from the same grape cannot have different flavor profiles ANSWER False T F The legs or tears in a glass of wine indicate the presence of tannin ANSWER False T F Wines can continue to age further in the bottle based on anaerobic reactions ANSWER True T F There is a direct connection between the amount of sugar in the grapes at harvest and the amount of alcohol which can be in the finished wine ANSWER True What is the primary mono varietal RED grape variety from the Northern Rhone valley ANSWER Syrah What is the primary red grape variety from the Southern Rhone valley ANSWER Grenache Syrah and Cinsault What is the primary WHITE grape variety from the Rhone valley ANSWER Viognier The Loire Valley AOP names its wines based on ANSWER Village that produces a specific grape variety Primarily white grapes Chenin Blanc Sauvignon Blanc Muscadet The release date for a bottle of wine ANSWER The year that the wine is made available for sale Distinctive features of wines from ALSACE ANSWER White wines fermented to total dryness Traditional White Grape Varieties Riesling and Gew rztraminer Signature grape Pinot Gris A unique fact about wine production in NY state ANSWER More native American grapes are grown European T F The primary white grape grown in Oregon is Riesling ANSWER False Ranked No 2 in production Chateau St Michelle is a

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