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WINE APPRECIATION FINAL EXAM 2024 WITH 100 ACCURATE SOLUTIONS Vitis Labrusca is a European species of grape ANSWER False Christian monasteries became major producers of wine following the collapse of the Roman Empire ANSWER True The art and science of growing grapes is called viticulture ANSWER True They life cycle of a vine occurs over a six month cycle ANSWER True White wines can be produced from red skinned grapes ANSWER True For still wines vintage means ANSWER The year the grapes were harvested What term is used for the mixture of juice skins and seeds that will be fermented into wine ANSWER Must What insect caused a crisis in the late 1800s for the European winemaking industry ANSWER Phylloxera WHich procedure effectively solved the problem of phylloxera ANSWER Grafting The sum of every environmental factor affecting a vineyard site is called ANSWER Terroir Brokers importers and exporters of wine are considered to represent what portion of the wine industry ANSWER Distributors Prohibition in the United States lasted from 1920 1945 ANSWER False What acid is the most prevalent type of acid found in both vinifera grapes and wine ANSWER Tartaric Acid What part of the life cycle of a grapevine occurs directly before the harvest ANSWER Veraison What term refers to the sugar content of the grape ANSWER Brix Wines are not always vegetarian Animal products like egg whites and gelatin can be used as fining agents to keep them from being hazy ANSWER True Sulfites are naturally found in wines but more may be added during the winemaking process ANSWER True The characteristics of the barrel that wine is aged in has no effect on the taste of the wine ANSWER False Which chemical makes up an average of 10 15 of the volume of wine ANSWER Ethyl Alcohol What is the first step in evaluating a wine ANSWER See Chateauneuf du Pape is considered the most prestigious growing area in the Rhone region of France ANSWER True Burgundy is larger in area and produces more wine than Bordeaux ANSWER False European Union wine regulations require that if a grape variety is listed on the label 75 of the wine must be made from that variety ANSWER False 85 A n gociant is a wine merchant who buys grapes or wine from grower winemakers and then blends them to produce a wine that is bottled under his or her own label ANSWER True Beaujolais wines are typically made from the Gamay grape ANSWER True The famous Bordeaux Classification of wines occurred in 1955 ANSWER False 1855 Which pair of words fills in the blanks correctly In Burgundy the primary red grape is and the primary white grape is ANSWER Pinot Noir Chardonnay What is the main grape variety used for red wines from the Northern Rhone ANSWER Syrah What is not an area of the Burgundy wine region of France ANSWER Cote Rotie What area is covered by the Mediterranee IGP and is known for its Rose wines ANSWER Provence The type of mold known as the noble rot which is found on the grapes used to make Sauternes is called ANSWER Botrytis Which grape varietal is NOT commonly used in the Red Bordeaux blend ANSWER Pinot Noir In France a Cru refers to an individual vineyard or growth ANSWER True Which is not one of the primary regional designations for Bordeaux wines ANSWER North Bank The main grape variety used for red wines from the Southern Rhone is ANSWER Grenache A good rule of thumb when pairing food and wine is What grows together goes together ANSWER True Foods that are highly sweet sour bitter or salty are easy to pair with wines ANSWER False Overall body of wine should be lighter than the overall body of food ANSWER False A hot burning sensation such as chili heat in food is called ANSWER Chemesthesis In almost every case the determination of a wine pairing should be based only on the protein meat component of a dish ANSWER False What is not a white wine appellation of the Upper Loire Valley ANSWER Vouvray Phenolics occur in minute quantities in wine but can have major impact on sensory profile ANSWER True A natural savoury or ripe flavour that is distinct from the other primary tastes of sweet salty sour and bitter is called ANSWER Umami Which of the following areas of France is known for its Nouveau festival on the third Thursday of November when the first wines from that year s harvest are released ANSWER Beaujolais Which two characteristics in wine are best when paired with dishes that have a high fat content ANSWER Acid and bubbles A dry Champagne is less sweet than a Brut Champagne ANSWER False A blanc de blanc sparkling wine is made with Pinot Noir grapes ANSWER False Sparkling wines made with the traditional method undergo the second fermentation in the bottle ANSWER True Prosecco wines are made with the Glera grape ANSWER True In the Tank or Charmat method of making sparkling wines the second fermentation is in stainless steel tanks ANSWER True Sparkling wines made with the Traditional Method but produced in French regions other than Champagne are labeled as ANSWER Cremant The Spanish region in Catalonia that is best known for making Cava is ANSWER Penedes Which grape varietals is not typically used to make Cava ANSWER Glera Wine grapes have only been grown in New Mexico since the early 1900s ANSWER False Which of the following New Mexico wineries is most well known for its sparkling wines ANSWER Gruet Rio Grande Winery only produces and bottles two types of grape varietals ANSWER False A standard 750 ml wine bottle contains a maximum of 20 fluid ounces ANSWER False In the Traditional Method which of the following is added to a bottle of sparkling wine after the wine is disgorged ANSWER Liqueur d expedition A non vintage champagne can contain base wines from a number of different harvests ANSWER True What brands is not a Champagne ANSWER Freixenet Chaptalization is a winemaking technique whereby sugar is added to the must unfermented grape juice in order to achieve a stable alcohol level ANSWER True The majority of the wines from Tuscany are white wines ANSWER False Red In Spain there are very strict regulations for labeling a wine reserva ANSWER True Tempranillo is the most common red varietal in Spain ANSWER True Petrol is a common non fruit aroma when evaluating Riesling wines ANSWER True Wine growing in both Italy and Spain is influenced by the surrounding oceans seas and mountainous terrain ANSWER True Ribero del Duero and Priorat are wine regions of Italy ANSWER False Spain For German wines the correct order of wine Pradikats from least to most

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