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WINE APPRECIATION FS 470 EXAM 2024 WITH 100 ACCURATE SOLUTIONS The same species of yeast that we use in the making of wine beer distilled spirits and bread is called ANSWER Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Current per capita wine consumption in the US is roughly ANSWER 15 bottles per year 2 9 gal The 4 biggest US wine companies out of 10 000 have this share of the market ANSWER 75 The three tier wine market system which operates in most states is comprised of ANSWER Wineries Wholesalers Retailers The following are native American grape varieties ANSWER Niagara Catawba Concord The components of red wine that provide color and taste are comprised mainly of ANSWER Polyphenols and Acids The percentage of wine produced in the US coming from California grapes is about ANSWER 85 The world s largest wine producing countries are ANSWER France Italy Spain The impact of California s wine industry on the US economy is about ANSWER 114 billion What comprises a wine s terroir ANSWER Climate soil and other local factors In traditional RED wine production order of processing steps is as follows ANSWER Destem crush ferment press The two main techniques to extract the color from the floating cap during the making of red wine are ANSWER Punching down and pumping over The most important consideration for successful wine grape growing ANSWER Matching grape variety to vineyard site What grape disease is most relevant for winegrowers in Indiana ANSWER Black Rot The color pigments found in red wines reside in the following part of the grape berry ANSWER Skin Essential steps in the processing of wine after fermentation are ANSWER Aging Filtering Bottling Sulfur dioxide sulfite is added to juice and wine to ANSWER Kill bacteria bind acetaldehyde inactive browning enzymes In the US the most important grape producing states are ANSWER CA WA OR NY After 6 000 years what possible wine residue can be found by archeologists ANSWER Tartaric Acid National alcohol prohibition in the U S which started in 1919 20 was repealed in ANSWER 1933 The federal agency which regulates US wine production and sales is the ANSWER Tax and Trade Bureau The French Paradox involves a lower rate of heart disease among the French in spite of their frequent consumption of wine and ANSWER Saturated fats The energy content of a 5 oz glass of dry red wine is about ANSWER 100 calories kcal 15 grams carbs The USDA s Dietary Guidelines for Americans define moderate daily wine consumption as ANSWER Not more than two 5 oz glasses for men one for women A 250 lb Boilermaker defensive end should never drink more than how many 5 oz glasses of wine before driving a motor vehicle ANSWER 2 Every wine bottle sold in the US must bear a government warning label about ANSWER Consumption during pregnancy and impairment of driving skills Your chances of dying from heart disease vs breast cancer are roughly ANSWER 10x higher The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that what amount of wine is safe to drink during pregnancy ANSWER NONE Consumer s preferences for wine may be related to their ANSWER Experience with wine genome and cultural upbringing How many wineries are there in Indiana today ANSWER 98 Who is the father of Indiana wine industry ANSWER John James Jean Jacques Dufour What enabled the modern Indiana wine industry ANSWER Indiana Small Winery Act of 1971 What is Indiana s signature grape variety and wine ANSWER Traminette In Indiana what are good grape varieties to make Rose wines from ANSWER Catawba Frontenac Gris Steuben What is Indiana s largest food and wine festival ANSWER Vintage Indiana What s the economic impact of the Indiana wine industry ANSWER 600 million What s the most popular and profitable summer wine style in Indiana ANSWER Wine Slushies What percentage of wine consumers prefer slightly sweet wines ANSWER 60 The biggest growth in the winery tour business is due to what events ANSWER Bachelorette parties In 2018 there were 242 AVAs legally defined as grape growing appellations distinguished by ANSWER Unique geography The five MAJOR winegrowing regions in California are ANSWER North Coast Central Valley South Coast Sierra Foothills Central Coast A pathogen carrying insect that makes it impossible to grow Vitis vinifera in the southern US is called ANSWER Glassy Winged Sharp Shooter What coastal mountain range has an important impact on winegrowing in Washington Oregon ANSWER Cascades The label display of a VINTAGE denotes the year ANSWER grapes were grown The three largest wine producers in the U S are ANSWER Constellation The Wine Group Gallo The MAJOR weather variance influencing grape quality in the five major California wine regions is ANSWER Heat accumulation Growing Degree Days Temperature Some of the most typical aroma descriptors for Oregon Pinot Noir are ANSWER Raspberry blackberry and cherry What fraction of the world s vineyards is farmed neither organically nor bio dynamically ANSWER 95 The US Supreme Court is currently listening to a case about ANSWER State residency requirements for wine retailers What s the sensory character of cork taint ANSWER Musty moldy Which reduced sulfur volatiles can be fined with copper ANSWER Hydrogen sulfide mercaptans Which are the main chemical preservatives used in winemaking ANSWER Sulfur dioxide and sorbic acid A wine smells like a wet dog in a telephone booth What s the cause ANSWER Brettanomyces yeast What s the grape variety in this wine Saint George Agiorgitiko Nemea ANSWER Aghlorhitko St George What s traditionally the best storage temperature range for red wines ANSWER 55 to 65 degrees F What does a wine decanter do ANSWER Separates precipitated solids What s New York State s most famous appellation ANSWER Finger Lakes Due to global warming what locations are Spanish wine growers planting new vineyards in ANSWER High altitudes sites What preservation method makes Madeira still drinkable after 172 years ANSWER Fortification with brandy The two most important winegrowing districts in the Burgundy region of France are ANSWER Cote d Or and Chablis The two most important vine varieties cultivated in the Burgundy region of France are ANSWER Pinot Noir and Chardonnay The French region that labels its wine with a system denoting dryness sweetness is ANSWER Champagne The wine in this bottle is made from 100 Domaine Christian Moreau Chablis ANSWER Chardonnay We would expect non oaked Chablis to express aromas best described as ANSWER Flint stone lime and lemon The traditional Champagne method

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