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POOL OPERATORS TEST EXAM 2024 WITH 100 ACCURATE SOLUTIONS In addition to the training class and test the operator must ANSWER have knowledge of the swimming pool ordinance for the AHJ make sure all certifications are kept updated ensure that all employees are properly trained and in services are held be trained on the physical plant of swimming pool facility that they intend to operate familiarize themselves with the specifics of the swimming pool facility conventional swimming pool ANSWER basic type of swimming pool flat water skimming pools where the water line is static with the exception of movement made by the bathers often include a shallow and deep end sections split by a safety rope wading pool ANSWER a body of water with a maximum depth of two feet or less generally restricted to children under the age of six spa pool ANSWER usually a small hot body of water with a high maximum flow rate and a maximum operating temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit indoor pool ANSWER a climate controlled swimming pool with an exterior building or shell which provides protection from the elements activity pool ANSWER a water attraction designed for play activity including constructed features like flotation devices diving pool ANSWER a pool primarily for diving interactive water play aquatic venue ANSWER any indoor or outdoor pool that includes sprayed jetted or other water sources contacting bathers skimmer pool ANSWER a pool using a skimmer system surf pool ANSWER generates waves dedicated to the activity of surfing therapy pool ANSWER a pool exclusively for aquatic therapy wave pool ANSWER a pool designed to simulate breaking or cyclic waves for the purposes of general play increased risk aquatic venues ANSWER pool which have intrinsic characteristics and intended users have a greater likelihood of affecting the health of the bathers of that venue by being at increase risk for microbial contamination examples are spray pads wading pools and other aquatic venues designed for children less than five years old the CDC and the MAHC specify the use of what as a supplement to standard systems in venues identified as increased risk aquatic venues ANSWER secondary disinfection systems surface area of a rectangular pool ANSWER the horizontal area or surface of a swimming pool found by multiplying the length times width surface area of a multisided pool ANSWER found by dividing the horizontal surface of the swimming pool into sections surface of a circular pool ANSWER r2 maximum facility load ANSWER determined by diving the surface of the pool and diving that number by 27 includes all the people at the facility not just in the swimming pool pool volume ANSWER the total amount of water in gallons contained in the interior of a swimming pool turnover ANSWER the amount of time required for all of the pool s volume to pass through the filtration system minimum flow rate ANSWER the minimum amount of water that must pass through the filtration system flow rate in order to achieve the required turnover maximum flow rate ANSWER the maximum amount of water which can pass through the filter system filtration system ANSWER piping includes manifold valves pump includes hair lint strainer and the filter the filtration system is used to remove ANSWER suspended particulate matter filter mechanical room ANSWER houses the physical plant of the swimming pool filter room requirements ANSWER chemicals are clearly labeled and original containers are placed in another one all equipment is labeled clearly filter room is dry properly ventilated and has good lighting filter room doors say authorized personnel only permanent filter specification placard ANSWER or filter date sheet with the volume of the pool minimum and maximum flow rate turnover time in hours the perimeter of the pool the surface area of the pool maximum pool load date of construction and address of the facility high rate sand filters ANSWER most commonly used in commercial pools the media is sand and pea gravel and operates at a flow rate of 15 20 gpm pipes have large enough holes to allow the filtered water to pass through but also small enough to prevent the filter media from getting through to the pool uses the top 6 12 inches of the filter bed glass filter media filter ANSWER glasses crushed glass or recycled glass is more efficient than sand it filters at 15 20 gpm no issues with calcification and channeling glass filter uses entire filter beds conventional sand filter ANSWER an old filter that has a mixed media sand pea gravel gravel rock and stone that is layered in the filter tank the majority of filtration occurs at the top of the filter and because of the low filter rate they require much more space than a high rate sand filter diatomaceous earth DE filter ANSWER primarily used in spas provides superior filtration qualities the filter media is DE filters through a process called precoating whereby the DE is recirculated through the filter until it has attached to the elements must be replaced after each backwash operates at a flow rate of 2gpm two types of DE filters ANSWER pressure sealed tanks and vacuum open tanks slurry feeding ANSWER a process where small amounts of DE are added into the filter system to extend the filter run amount of time between backwash cycles regenerative media filters ANSWER designed to save media and water costs media used is perlite a lightweight alternative to DE flow rate is 2gpm bump on a daily basis bumping is where the filters mechanically cause the perlite to fall off the filter grids the media is regenerated and new perlite is introduced cartridge filters ANSWER maximum flow rate of 3 gpm requires more effort from a pool operator to clean the filters the pump must be turned off filter opened and manually remove the cartridges to be cleaned all filters must be clearly identified with a manufacturer identification plate with information ANSWER name address and phone number of the filter manufacturer type of filter media surface area of the filter minimum and maximum flow rate of the filter how many hours a day a commercial swimming pool filter must operate in order to achieve maximum water quality ANSWER 24 hours a day when does the effectiveness of the filtration cycle increase ANSWER during the hours that the pool is closed due to decreased demand on the filters proper filtration will provide you with ANSWER proper water chemistry and a high degree of water clarity the loss of water should only occur

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