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WINE APPRECIATION EXAM 2024 WITH 100 ACCURATE SOLUTIONS Major species of grapes where they originated ANSWER 1 Vitis Vinifera first modern cultivation by Greeks Spread by the Romans 50BC 500BC Refined by Europeans 2 Vitis Labrusca North America Most Important Sense for Sensory Evaluation ANSWER Smell detect over 10 000 odors identify 1 000 odors Tannis ANSWER organic compound found in the seeds stems and skins of grapes found in red wines bitter taste 2 3 destroyed Cause of the devastation to vineyards beginning in the 1860s ANSWER Phylloxera Louses started destroying all of the wine roots Resolution to the problem ANSWER 1 Hybridizing crossing vitis vinifera with vitis labrusca other vines 2 Grafting used North American rootstock and vitis vinifera canes Fermentation ANSWER The conversion of sugar in the grapes into ethyl alcohol or ethanol or carbon dioxide Sugar Yeast Alcohol Carbon Dioxide Heat Color of Wines White ANSWER Color of Wines Red ANSWER Post Fermentation Processes ANSWER 1 Malolactic Fermentation 2 Lees Contact dead yeast cells 3 Sulfur Additions 4 Clarification 5 Aging 6 Blending White Wine fining adding a colloidal agent to remove suspended particles racking moving wine from one barrel or tank to another to separate wine from the sediment that has fallen to the bottom of the container filtering mechanical process where wine is forced through a porous filitering medium period of storage in oak barrel or container to develop character Marrying wines to obtain a desired quality and style 7 Cold Stabilization to get rid of the tartrates Red vs White Winemaking ANSWER Red Wine Crushing all the solids are crushed together skin still attached to give it color Pressing Skin gets left behind As the sugar content of the grapes increases during the growing season how do acids react ANSWER As sugar content increases during ripening acids decrease Results of Malolactic fermentation ANSWER converts malic acid to lactic acid giving the wine a buttery aroma and making it less acidic Understand the effects of both stainless steel and oak on wine ANSWER Stainless Steel neutral nothing extra added into the wine Know the terms for the different levels of development of a wine s aroma ANSWER 1 Primary from the grape itself Oak Barrel Butterscotch caramel flavor into the wine 2 Secondary 3 Bouquet anything the winemaker did to it complex layer of aroma overtime Understand the effects of oxygen on wine ANSWER Needed for the development of yeast to start fermentation allows wine to develop mature in the tank can attack wine permaturaly and cause it to age and change character can cause permanent browning in white wines can cause red wines to lose the color Know the term for the most common wine fault which wines it affects ANSWER 2 4 6 TCA Corktaint can occur in all wines with all types of corks musty moldy odor Know what can cause crystal deposits in a wine ANSWER Tartrates The length and quality of the aftertaste of wine ANSWER Finish longer it lingers higher quality Acids found in grapes ANSWER 1 Malic Acid most prevalent It has a tart green apple citrusy profile 2 Lactic acid creamier with a heavier mouthfeel Where does wine grow best ANSWER 30 50 degree latitude Life Cycle of a Grapevine ANSWER Spring 1st Bud Break critical event Leaf Growth Photosynthesis Summer Flowering self pollination Berry Set grapes start to go Veraison Ripening Fall Crop is harvested Sap translocation sap from outer parts get pulled inside Leaves drop Winter Dormancy

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