MSU BS 161 - Intro & Scientific Argumentation And Cell Model
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describing how information in DNA is used to make protein Big Ideas Structure function Substrate E enzy z 7 A vig Cleavage I a me Strate binding enzyme activity Products released Information Flow The Central Dogma T DNA ACT AGAG CAT T TRANSCRIPTION AUGAU UCGUA A w MRNA Translation met Ile Ser Stop Polypeptide Transformations of energy and matter Photosynthesis CO2 20 Sugars 0 Cell respiration Systems SubstrateserectantsinaChemical reaction is encoded in genome made up of DNA any or mutations can alter these processesA understand how the works changes process al us help normal D asking mutations Changes in DNA which can impact the structure of Proteins as well as metabolic pathways of the cell can carry out and how a cell ProcessesSuch as division regulates cell A Scientific argument Claim evidence reasoning Reasoning Scientific principals explicationsee tement DY evidence reasoning sta linking wi claim observations ofaa on based Supported Acknowledging that Cells are complex units of life carrying out many different processes Simultaneously and a Change in one part of the process could effect other processes occurring in the cell Cells are the Smallest Units that Show all Characteristics of life Shows complexity organization Harnesses matieval energy from the environment Responds to the environment Ability to reproduce uses DNA to store transmit and Change information To put into Anki What are the properties of biological molecules What are the molecules found in cells How do cells use molecules to make new molecules How are proteins w Specific Structures formed How do specific protein structures help it to carry out Specific functions How can the protein structure be modified to carry out a new function viruses showcomplexityana have RNA or DNA genome but don t meet the Cell Criteria So they are not considered alive Virusesneedahoa A PuzzleFrom 1920 s R Strain Of Streptococcus Pneumoniae bacteria G rough appearance does not cause death O O 6 O C O in mice o O Inonvirulent gw S Strain of streptococcus bas 000 Smooth appearance O causes death in mice virulent O Whydothese 2 Strains have differesee Why do the 2 strains have difference in virulence answere

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MSU BS 161 - Intro & Scientific Argumentation And Cell Model

Type: Lecture Note
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