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An individual that I would consider a leader towards me is my father I have a huge amount of respect for my father and all the challenging work he does for our family I consider my dad to be a leader because he sets a notable example for me and my family He pays the bills and supports our family which is a great example of a leader He fits all the characteristics and core values that a leader should be His goals were to raise a successful family and what s best for his kids Today my brother is in the Marines and I am playing football at Penn State That was a sacrifice that my dad gave up for his children When I graduate college I want to follow in the footsteps of my dad He knows what it takes to be a leader He has confidence within himself While he s at work he runs the company and takes control of everyone and everything My father is the leader in his work At the house my dad pays the bills puts food on the table and raises his kids while keeping his wife happy That is what a leader does He puts his family before himself But not in a bad way He is not a follower of the family He is the powerhouse of the family and we follow him in his footsteps My dad keeps our family in line and keeps our family on course A big reason why he is a great leader and inspiration is because of the personality traits he has and the way he carries himself I think for myself I need to work on owning up to what I believe and act upon because that is the first step away from being a follower and moving towards being a leader I want to become the driver of the car just like my dad No matter the distance of the trip or how tired or sick he is my dad will make sure that our family will safely make it to the destination we are heading too

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PSU BBH 101 - BBH 102 Reflection #3

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