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Identify health hazards employees may encounter at work There are many hazards that can be prevented in the workplace Most people understand the hazards when people work as a fireman policeman construction worker or an electrician But there are also hazards in the office setting If you work as a teacher unfortunately you may have an unruly student that you may have to subdue Some hazards can be terrorism and conflict between employees and management Those are a few issues that can be hazardous to employees You can also speak about carpal tunnel syndrome which can happen with improper seating in the office This can be very painful I have coworkers who wear items to help protect their wrist You computer can be dangerous to the eyes so you can purchase shields to place over your monitor I know that this issue has really effected me I can no longer see my screen without glasses I can see faraway but the closer an object is I am blind I do believe that companies today are attempting to work hard at making the workplace safe but they still have a long way to go Response 2 There are hazards on all types of jobs such as where I worked I worked in a factory for years and every day you have to be very watchful of how you do things You can get caught in machines run over by lifts have to carry heavy packages and that is to just name a few There are also chemicals that the company uses that you have to wear safety equipment when using like safety gloves glasses and steel toed shoes I have seen some people who were highly allergic to the chemicals and they would have to be sent to the doctor My job required me to stand on concrete for eight hours a day and that can really wear on your back and feet Carpal tunnel or tendentious is a hazard if you have to work at repetitive jobs I have severe tendentious in my right hand and wear a brace when it flairs up My machines were push button so your hands were always in repetitive motion Cardboard will slice right through your hands when packing up products if you do not wear safety gloves Hanging coils of metal is a big hazard especially if you do not know what you are doing You have to constantly check your hooks and chains to make sure there is no breaks in the chains because if it breaks while loading you could get seriously hurt or killed A lot of the stuff was highly flammable so it had to be kept in a special area that was contained Gas leaks are something companies have to really keep tabs on Just sitting all day weakens your muscles which makes it easier to hurt your back if you have to lift something The biggest hazard though is not being informed of what all the hazards are within the company

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UOPX HRM 240 - Health Hazards

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