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Affirmative Action 1 Affirmative Action HRM240 Affirmative Action 2 Have you ever considered how important laws are when it comes to laws with in a company Affirmative action laws should be included in all human resource management fields and other organization There are many reason this is so and if you have not put that much thought into it you will know all about it when you get finished with this paper To start off affirmative action is the process of a business or governmental agency in which it gives special rights of hiring or advancement to ethnic minorities to make up for past discrimination against that minority However this has been a subject affirmative action policy should be set into place at every workplace or job There are truly believe that it will improve the workplace and provide a positive workplace environment So with that being said my recommendation that the Board of Directors of this company should implement and sustain an affirmative action policy to ensure equal opportunity for all employees A policy should be developed that protect against discrimination against any employee based on race color religion sex national origin disability or veteran status Most of all this policy should also comply with all equal opportunity laws and regulations because I believe it would be much earlier to come up with the policy On the other hand Equal employment opportunity or the employment of individuals in a fair and nonbiased manner has consumed the attention of the media the courts practitioners and legislators One of the first problems within the workplace is discrimination Discrimation is said to be the adverse treatment of an individual based on class or category goes against the belief that America is the land of opportunity Affirmative Action 3 An affirmative action policy is intended to stop this discrimination and help people obtain jobs regardless of what their sex race religion age national origin color physical condition or position in an organization is Also major federal equal employment opportunity laws have attempted to correct social problems of interest to particular groups of workers This includes minority race women older people and those with physical or mental disabilities I have been places were the people in human relations department have not hired people because of certain qualities For example at my last job a job fair was going on and a lot of minorities showed up at the job fair Comments were made that the place was going to be ghetto or hood if all of these minorities are hired Only a couple of people heard the comment but by the end of the day it had gotten out that the minorities were being discriminated against A lot of problems arose to the point that people started arguing and a fight got started The fight was so bad that the police was called and people were taken to the hospital for non life threaten injuries However all of this could have been avoided but things happen and the outcome is what makes me recommend that a policy be set into place This incident that occurred was horrible because people got hurt others lost jobs and some are still involved in this situation because they are back in forth to court for the people who is trying to sue the company There are many laws that have been set Affirmative Action 4 into place to protect people from discrimination and all the seen and unseen things that go downing within the job Deciding to implement affirmative action laws would be of importance This decision would help the workplace to be successful in more than one way Just from the example I provided if this was your organization what would you do You would not have any protection against all the things that took place within the other workplace That would ruin your whole name as an organization because people would always know your organization as being racist or that you discriminated against people Also it protects employees that already work there I understand that you cannot stop people from saying what they want to say out of their mouths at least if you have to fire someone they would know why they are losing their job The goals of this proposed affirmative action policy is to ensure that all employees that are members of a protected class receive proportionate consideration the pursuit of fair treatment and the reduction of unnecessary conflict between other employees

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UOPX HRM 240 - Affirmative Action

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