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What would you tell a friend to convince him or her of the importance of being proactive in one s career development and finding an employer that is career development oriented I would tell my friend that in order to get the things we want in life we have to go after them ourselves no one is going to do it for us This is a chance to get out there and show employers what you are made of and you are a go getter instead of just a person who stays in an idle mode This shows companies that you are not afraid of change and you do not run from challenges but rather go looking for them Things are always changing so being proactive creates and image of what type of person you are and that is the type of person they need in their company Sitting on your bottom will get you know where in life and not many job opportunities with high pay It is important to search out employers with career development orientation because these companies are more likely to succeed and keep building success More companies who do not have a career development orientation fail so you need to seek out the employers who want to succeed just as you do You do not sit back and wait for opportunities to come knocking on your door you have to go after them yourself if you want to be successful in life Response 2 I like to try and get my friends to put themselves in the employers shoes when looking for a job I would tell my friend that by being proactive in his her career it will show the potential employer that her or she is a teem player and willing to learn new things As an employee if you just take a position and never try and learn more aspects of the business that you work for you will always be in the same position you are working in By being proactive with learning new things cross training is a great thing you can show that you are not just wanting to stay in that one position but the desire to grow with the company is a goal of yours Many times people will get a job and think to themselves wow this is a great job but when reality is there is so much more that the job can be I have a friend that I just talked to about this last week She was hired on at a company as a receptionist I told her to learn more about the company I told her to find something within the company she is interested in learning more about that particular job and start asking to help in that area on her down time Just on Friday they asked her if she would like to move to the other office and start learning more about account receivables and accounts payable She said today she is loving it There are online classes she can take to help her learn more about the accounting system this company is using so I gave her that information The sky is the limit if you reach for it As for finding an employee that has the same traits this is always important This will allow you to have the support in order to further your career with the company Some companies will send you to seminars school and even pay for them in order to help you grow with your knowledge I always say that cross training within a company is a companies biggest asset DQ 2 Consider these methods for performance appraisal trait methods behavioral methods and results methods Select an industry or organization that has many occupational positions within it such as the retail industry the transportation industry and a marketing organization Provide an example of a job title for which each of the above methods would be an appropriate performance appraisal method Explain your answer I selected the place I work for this question I work in a collision shop that has several different job descriptions and places where these methods would work The trait methods would work with the companies A tech s as they call them these are the employees that are at the top of the company and make most of the new decisions and have come up with new ways to perform tasks and jobs to help improve the company I think that a good way that the company could use behavioral methods would be in their front office were the employees talk to customers and deal with people face to face whether it be customers or other employees This would be a good place to perform this method due to the contact with the companies money source they will be able to improve and find better ways to perform their job The last method which is the results method would be a good one to use in the shop were the work is being performed because they could show how they are doing and this would give them incentive to perform their jobs better and faster to get a higher standing Response 2 The industry I chose is the hotel industry There are many occupations in this industry Some of the positions that are available are Front Office Agent PBX Operator Housekeeper Bellperson Sales Associate and General Manager This industry is not only diverse in job selections but diverse in cultures I will speak about the Front Office Agent This position could be subject to all of the performance appraisal methods Even though trait methods can be biased it can be very useful when critiquing an employees personality You have to have great characteristics with this position You will need to be friendly and helpful It is apart of the job Behavioral Methods can be used to give feedback for improvement or to recognize your accomplishments Results methods are used to set goals for the Front Office person It is a position that is always open for promotion Your manager can constantly give you advice on how you can improve or continue doing a great job This position touches everyone at the company and the public They will constantly be measured by the staff and customers Performance appraisals can only enhance your career

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UOPX HRM 240 - Career Development

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