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What are some of the ways you have seen employers measure the accountability of theirstaff? Were these measurements effective? Why or why not? Why is measurement of accountability important to an organization?Productivity and accountability are aboutgetting things done all the right things accurately and on time. Employers investheavily in their employees, from hiringcosts to payrolls, but how many are gettingall the results that they could? How manytimes do employers hear excuses, such as,“it’s not my fault,” or “my partner dropped theball”? Blaming and finger-pointing are alltoo easy when things go wrong and all toocommon in business today. Managers should utilize technology by only receiving emails by their staff when it is an individualized assignment this will ensure accountability for each staff.When employers struggle to reach business objectives and cannot identify whyemployee performance and productivityare not succeeding as planned, it may betime to consider investing in transformingemployees’ behaviors and attitudesthrough accountability training. The conceptof accepting responsibility for ourown actions, while not new, at times seemsalmost unique in today’s world. Companiescome to realize that their success in areassuch as customer service, employee retention, reliability and overall goal achievement is directly associated with accountable employees. Employers need to know who are the key players in the organizations they need to know who are the hard workers. So they know who t wean out.Some of the ways I have seen employers measure the accountability of their staff is by evaluating. One way of measuring accountability is by creating performance standards and byreviewing them during the review process for employees. Another way to measure accountability is by having leaders or managers keep a log of the employees attendance and their work quotas and turn them in to upper management on a monthly basis. Using the quantity versus quality and effort and effect method is very reliable for measuring accountability. This method helps determine how much was done and how well was it done. It also helps determine how much change was produced, did the change make any difference,and is anyone better off. I believe that all of these measurements were effective. Knowing that you are being watched and a possible raise or bonus is on the line helps people stay positive and motivated as well as tells the managers how well all employees are doing. The measurement of accountability is important to an organization because the organization needsto ensure that all of their staff is working to the best of their ability and brining in the numbers they should be. If certain staff members are not doing quality work then they need tofind someone who is willing to do quality

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