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What tools and techniques would you use to motivate your staff if you were the head of a nursing home? Would your tools and techniques differ if you were the head of a hospital? Why do you think those tools and techniques would work or not work given your specific environment?What tools and techniques would you use to motivate your staff if you were the head of a nursing home? In order to be a successful manager one must understand that supervisor's cannot motivate anyone. Managers an create an environment that encourages and promotes the employees’ self-motivation. Motivation is getting people todo what you want them to do because THEY WANT to do it. The challenge is to give them a reason to want to do it because doing it will satisfy a need they have. You have totune in to their needs, motives and reasons, not yours. Providing care for those patients in a nursing home is that this has become their last residence for most. It is important that the health care staff is made aware of this. However, the attachment to the patients can be just like family to some of the patients. Patience is very important and the staff may need special motivating tools such as having the patients vote who is to be employeeof the month. Would your tools and techniques differ if you were the head of a hospital? Those that work in the hospital setting can become a bit complacent when it comes to patient care. Some staff have develop you will be discharged soon. So they may not care for the patients as they should. So in order to motivate those that work in the hospital maybe giving them a free lunch or offer a gift card of their choice. Always remind staff regardless of where they work of the fringe benefits such as :pleasant workingenvironment,interesting and challenging work,recognition for doing a good job,loyalty and fairness of my managerThe tools and techniques I would use to motivate my staff if I were the head of a nursing home would have to be complex and consistent. The first technique I would use would be to always involve the staff's input and show them that their thoughts and opinions are very important to the nursing home. Showing them that their thoughts matter will keep the workplace more positive and the employees will enjoy working there as well as stay motivated. Another technique I would use is to offer advancements or career advancements. Staff members usually like to move up within the workplace so knowing they have this opportunity is something to look forward to and to strive for. Offering outings for the employees allows them to see that their hard work is recognized and giving them a fun day shows that their are appreciated. Finally, being open and honest employees will keep them happy and motivated. If I were the head of a hospital I would use some of the same techniques but also a few different ones. Asking for their input and opinions and career advancements are two things I would do at both places. Another thing to motivate hospital employees is to offer bonuses and incentives for satisfaction surveys or new employee recruitment. The bonuses and incentive program would not work as well in the nursing home setting considering the patients live in the home whereas the patients that come into thehospital are there for a short time and the services are more complex and at times more serious. Providing outings for nursing home staff members shows them that their hard work is appreciated. Nursing home staff have much harder responsibilities and they tend to work harder and have a more demanding job then those who work in a

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