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Attorneys Responsibility 1 Attorneys Ethical Responsibility Your name ADJ 235 Due date Instructors name Attorneys Responsibility 2 Attorneys Ethical Responsibility The scenario presented in the text for this week s checkpoint is not one that I would wish to be placed in Those in the legal community are held to high ethical standards and have a duty not only to the client but to the community as well The first question presented in the scenario is what would you do Those who enter the legal field know what they are getting into therefore these types of situations should be expected In the given situation my loyalty has to be to my client If I had the ability I would withdraw myself from the case and ask that the client seek an alternate counsel Since the legal community does not allow for an attorney to just step down this more than likely could not happen and I would be faced with taking the case to trial Although the client has admitted guilt to me his legal rights were not upheld during his arrest and following questioning It is law enforcement s duty to follow and enforce laws just as it is my duty to see that my client s rights are honored and that he or she receives a fair trial In this situation the officers who arrested my client did not properly complete their job The second question asked in scenario one is if my answer would be different if I was unsure of the client s guilt My actions would be the same in either situation but my conscience would be much more at ease if I believed my client was innocent I could never put myself in the position to have to defend a guilty individual and put my morals in question The only way I would defend a guilty individual is to plead for a lesser sentence

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