UOPX ADJ 235 - Interpretation of Ethical Systems

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Interpretation of Ethical Systems 1Interpretation of Ethical SystemsYour nameADJ/235Due dateInstructors nameInterpretation of Ethical Systems 2Based on ethical formalism, the act of my classmate is immoral. This is based on the motive, which was obviously personal gain, at the expense of another.For my classmate to be acting unethically everyone would have to agree that stealing $100 worth of merchandise from anyone with or without insurance is an unacceptable action. I would report the theft to the store owner and recommend the firing of the classmate.According to utilitarianism, the act of my classmate is unethical because stealing benefits only the perpetrator and not society. Increased insurance premiums for policyholders, due to thefts, will eventually be borne by tax payers. If the store owner reports the theft to the authorities, a criminal case might be established, making it a deterrent for future thefts in the community or elsewhere.Ethics, from a religious standpoint, would rule that the action of my classmate is unethical. It is the consensus of religious beliefs that stealing is immoral and unethical, as they believe: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The classmate would not want someone to steal from him or her, whether or not heor she has an insurance policy. I would not indulge in such an unethical act.Interpretation of Ethical Systems 3Natural law also presents an opportunity to think about the situation differently. Natural law concerns self-preservation. If the classmate were stealing food because he or she was hungry and could not afford to purchase a meal, then natural law might forgive the action; however, the item stolen was not necessary for self-preservation, so the action is unethical – there is always a better way to handle a situation like this. Natural law would dictate that the employee be fired and the incident reported to the store

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