CU-Boulder FILM 3660 - After Art (3 pages)

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After Art

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After Art


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University of Colorado at Boulder
Film 3660 - The Postmodern
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FILM 3660 1st Edition Lecture 25 Outline of Last Lecture December 3 2014 1 How do Images Position Viewers 2 Image Manipulation 3 UTOPIA UTOPIA Thomas Hirshhorn 4 Superficial Engagement Thomas Hirshhorn 5 Image Swarms 6 9 Scripts from a Nation at War Andrea Geyer 7 Serious Games Immersion Harun Farocki 8 Colin Powell Green White Jenny Holzer Outline of Current Lecture December 5 2014 Recitation Notes 1 After Art David Joselilt 2 The Ethno Commodity 3 Architecture 4 Sherrie Levine Postcard Collage 4 Current Lecture 1 After Art David Joselilt Inside vs Outside A binary that is problematized in the postmodern The inside and outside are still both apparent but both are combined together and no longer are binary INSIOUTSIDE 3 Traditional Understandings of Image o Derivative Significance From external forces represents this culture time period outside meaning o Dumb Intuitive knowledge knowledge we get from everyday experience common knowledge and street smart o Deceptive Spectacle images that deceive you and take away from real life what are the images actually doing After not POST Not concerned with the art or object itself he is interested in what does the object impact What networks are impacted not object centered encouragement of messages How does the object move around the world Currency o Types of Currency These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Neoliberal Circulation Exchange of finances across the world Art as money Image Fundamentalism Art becomes artifacts from culture not just money How do these get meshed together Postmodern art space pgs 8 9 Migrant Object Neoliberal circulation free movement value in itself the sculpture has stand alone value rooted in the object Independently owned Native Object Monumentalize and Image Fundamentalist the sculptor represents cultural identity organic relationship with place owned by the state Documented Images Object The combination of migrant and native documenting cultural specificity pg 20 The space between or combination of native and migrant images This exchangeability has value art as a cultural ambassador Paradoxical framing of mixed space Economic Terms How do values from the economy capitalism business practices exchange on international market monetized commercialization also apply to art Art has new type of power cultural exchange and cultural currency Exchanges between venues how is it seen through different people but how does it avoid commercialization How can it create POSITVE space 2 The Ethno Commodity Joeslit wants to find an image that enters the global market and still continues to hold its ethnic value Globalized images ex Coca Cola Chinese Urn Both migrate and native images are respected The emergent image Native site specificity and freedom of neoliberal markets pg 19 An exchanged object with cultural significance Specific and general acting together as one 3 Architecture Building vs Landscape The building is always separate from the landscape migrate could be put anywhere not tied to specific place Landscape is site specific can t pick it up and move it Native How can we combine those o Folding When you fold a piece of paper you have to individual halves that are still one whole Without ripping the paper you combine one and two buildings have separate floors Continuous Ramp Spiral Staircase or ramp blends the floors together as opposed to floors pg 27 29 o Blob Do not ingest material single cell organism determined by environment virtually distributed Not separated into categories fluid and moving When liquids mix they become one mixed fluid not to separate ones Differential Field Pg 31 No solid density gradient it calm with calm like traits Not one roof but roof like features No columns but column like features A network of varying intensities 4 Sherrie Levine Postcard Collage 4 Page 33 The pictures function as both the figure and the ground The postcards are framed in the environment of a gallery Each postcard has different images blending of blob and folding We are not worried about object itself or how that object circulates we are interested in the way the circulation and object interact o Centripetal Object Image centered art pg 43 o A Commons both inside and outside occurring at once o Centrifugal How are those objects framed Not the object itself instead the relationships between them pg 46

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