CU-Boulder FILM 3660 - Jameson & Cognitive Mapping (7 pages)

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Jameson & Cognitive Mapping

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Jameson & Cognitive Mapping


Recitation Notes 9/12/14

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University of Colorado at Boulder
Film 3660 - The Postmodern

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FILM 3660 1nd Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture I Blade Runner Movie Review a Labor b Control vs Freedom c Finitude v Obsolescence d Time e Cityscape Housing f The Human g A Utopian Moment Outline of Current Lecture I Recitation Notes for Cognitive Mapping II Other Jameson Notes Current Lecture NOTE This is an edited version of the professor s outline with my personal notes in yellow Questions for COGNITIVE MAPPING 45 54 Jameson The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism I Moral Judgments vs Genuine Dialectical Thinking Why is important for Jameson that the postmodern NOT understood as one optional style among many but rather as the cultural dominant of our times Students may wish to relate the term dominant to such related terms as periodization totality and hegemonic norm 5 6 There is something about the postmodern that you cannot ignore because it is over where It is not going away and global capitalism is inescapable the art form doesn t come out of this but These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute instead is forced by it it is a postmodern condition not a postmodern choice This is not a western modern or central condition because it reaches everywhere Is this true NO There is no nature or outside that we can escape to Yes we have wilderness spaces but everything is zoned state parks etc so is this on a scale It is never completely escapable but there is a scale certain art forms help us escape a little more see question 2 1 Correlatively why is moral judgment even moral cont a mistaken response to the postmodern especially when the latter is considered again mistakenly in Jameson s opinion to be just one style among others Why and how does moral judgment perpetuate the illusion of critical distance The idea that if what Jamison says is true it is a spectrum but ultimately inescapable he holds onto even in the less effective areas we cannot get

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