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University of Colorado at Boulder
Film 3660 - The Postmodern
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IPHY 2420 1st Edition Lecture 23 Outline of Last Lecture November 19 2014 1 Mulholland Dr Outline of Current Lecture December 1 2014 1 Digital Ambiences to Shared Worlds 2 David Joeslit After Art 2013 3 Reproducibility 4 Fairytale Ai Weiwei 5 Ai Weiwei Sunflower Seeds 6 Ai Weiwei Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn 7 Zhang Huan 12 M2 8 Zhang Huan Canal Building 9 TOP HAT QUESTION Current Lecture 1 Digital Ambiences to Shared Worlds A sense of sociality that is focused on self interest Adam ism The concern for the common where is the ethical lining The movement out side of postmodernism when you realize self interest is immoral and that s where we must construct the common World in common contingency of a shared world apparent shoddiness and insufficiency of a world in common public space 2 David Joeslit After Art 2013 Network the organization of flow and contacts between images objects materials and people Artists in 21st century stage art as a network and NOT a stagnant object art has connections and movement This offers private contemplation and isolated art that lends itself to consumerism THREE PARADIGMES OF CULTURAL CIRCULATION Migrant Basis of value Relation to Site Model of ownership Aesthetic Free unfettered Private you as the viewer do not have These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute to share Native Culture Organic cannot State Paris owns appreciate an object the Eiffel Tower if it is taken out of etc its original location place of origin Documented Documentary Evidentiary we know where it comes from so we never lose total contact with site of origin Commons doesn t belong to an individual or a state constituting and creating public spheres spontaneous networking 3 Reproducibility Joselit critics Benjamin in order to create his argument Mechanical reproducibility ruins the relationship with the objects original site or origin Benjamin Site Specify Singular Work Witness to History Scarcity Aura Joselit Network Population of Images Constitutive of history experiencing history Saturation Buzz How do images circulate around each other to create buzz Movement away from single object Globalization Divison of layer that is distributed world wide Ex Parts produced in Mexico Assembled in America and have headquarters in Tokyo Neoliberalism Circulation of images free Fundamentalism We have our own culture and spaces no flow site specify How do we bring objects and images back to one site Repatriation True meaning of art is not in the way you look at art it s the way that art bares a cultural identity and shouldn t be removed from original location 4 Fairytale Ai Weiwei Population Management 101 people brought from China to Germany o Low quality living styles dorms camps o Brought over chairs from China setting up debate of 2 cultures Chinese experiencing art and Europeans looking at art objects o How do people flow across the world How do objects flow across the world 1 Mass Travel mass tourism 2 Branding Accomodations same luggage clothes etc 3 National Identity and Global mobility People needing travel visa having to belong to a culture or people 4 Art figuring a population Personal documents passport and generalized statistic data grouped into homogenized categories to 5 Questionnaire participation documenting experience to generate data 6 1 000 or 1 001 transformative experience can art still transform one person ant one thousand and one Companies that sell experiences not commodities not toothpaste something that really changes lives can art still do that 7 The Multitude Hardt and Negri The experience of being in common with one another during circulation that is important not just for money or economic factors but also experiences 5 6 Ai Weiwei Sunflower Seeds Hired laborers to make one hundred million porcelain sunflower seeds handmade What it can be to be part of the large labor force in China No one is going to buy it or count it its about the idea Ai Weiwei Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn What happens to culture under globalization Traditional material culture takes a back seat to the readymade We are loosing touch with traditional culture Dynasty Urn with Coca Cola Logo native urn appreciation but readymade globalization of coke 7 Zhang Huan 12 M2 Performance art where the body is the subject and object of work Covered in honey oil and flies sitting in public Chinese bathroom but not all modernization is even There are pockets and margins that are not modernized I understand most of the world is now modern but it isn t everything Highlighting different social spaces of life What is vulnerable to modernization and what is not 8 Zhang Huan Canal Building Spanned metal bridge industrial construction Compressed ash from incense used in a traditional Chinese ceremony 1950 s press photograph moving away from agriculture into communistic Chinese culture Chain of memories The Great Leap Forward temple ceremonies and contemporary art construction Modern moments seen in Chinese Labor 9 TOP HAT QUESTION NETWORKS

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