CU-Boulder FILM 3660 - Final Exam Study Guide (6 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Colorado at Boulder
Film 3660 - The Postmodern

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FILM 3660 1nd Edition AFTER ART David Joselit DEFINE THE FOLLOWING TERMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 FINAL STUDY GUIDE ANSWER KEY Commons Repatriation Folding Ethno commodity Image Continuous Ramp Neoliberal Circulation Image Fundamentalism Differential fields MATCH THE TERMS BELOW 1 Epistemology of search 2 Connection Connectivity 3 Citizen Citizenship 4 Common Wealth 5 Globalization 6 Experience Economy 7 Relational aesthetics 8 Scalability 9 Branding 10 Format 11 Cultural densification A A worldwide division of labor B The retrieval reframing recapturing and documenting of art as opposed to art production C Multiple branching of connections that allows an image to pass locally nationally and globally D Global capital profits from large amounts of centered network connections E The passage from private space into communal space in regards to appreciation of art F Contact Current Currency The notion that art is network centered and not object centered G Creating a market image that goes beyond commodity and can extend worldwide H A collective patrimony museums are resources for all human kind I More than commodities experiences and transformative experiences like art or travel J Dynamic mechanisms for aggregating content an established pattern of links or connections K The belief that artwork gives us the capability of living in a shared world FILL IN THE BLANK 1 Bridging the gap between historical information and aesthetic construction an is a collection of documented artifacts 2 removes the boundary between art and life in order to point out arts social impact 3 In the second stage or original data is reprocessed or retransmitted 4 In a distinction between two different spaces and space online space is contrasted by face to face interaction 5 The idea that we should not be passive consumers or art but engaged in its meaning is called 6 represents a practical commitment to a social transformation through visualization of a better place 7 incorporates viewers within an

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