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Impulse Disorder

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Impulse Disorder


Case study of Charles who is addicted to violent pornography.

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Psych 380 - Abnormal Psychology
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Psych 380 1nd Edition Lecture 19 Outline of Current Lecture I Impulse Control Disorder Current Lecture I II III IV V VI Impulse control disorder a Uncontrollable impulses b Pressure and tension to act c Pleasure or gratification d Often feel regret and self hatred Supposed to be included in DSM 5 sexual addition APA protested it pulled from DSM 5 hypersexual disorder Case study Charles a Seen in July b Pacing back and forth in lobby c Left then came back another day d This is not uncommon especially if the patient is embarrassed e Called in and came in f Felt very ashamed g You re probably going to hate me and feel repulsed by my disorder Who is Charles a 23 b umass graduate c barely graduated with a 2 1 GPA d freshman year alcohol e sophomore year pot f junior year cocaine g senior year pain killers as majors h I don t know how I graduated he starts talking about his habit online i Halgin signs consent form and explains he has a duty to report abuse toward children elderly disabled Charles watched sadistic abusive porn involving violence toward women while split screening with chatrooms on innocent women oriented sites would then flirt with women some fooled and would meet with them but would actually only admire from afar while chatting he would masturbate j been doing this since freshman year How did it start a 1st year of freshman year at dinner after moving him in parents confess to Charles that she s been in an affair and that they are getting divorced wanted to wait before he got settled into college first charles was enraged from Midwest These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute VII VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV spent 2 days in the car and you move me in and now you tell me that you re breaking up fuck you b following this he went on computer watched porn and drank by himself side story a girlfriend walk in boyfriend shaving downstairs b I though that it would be fun left open laptop gmail up meet me in center share written by male individuals leaving clues Internet game addiction center in CT a 5 days intensive therapy b 16000 c parents desperate d biggest issue absolute rage with kids when game etc taken away from child e worldwide issue video 1 a internet game addiction in China b boot camp like center for treating those with internet addictions internet heroin study when text alert goes off dopamine released in brain case formulation a resentment towards women stemming from his mother Halgin upset hearing about victimization of women i has to commend Charles for coming to him to seek help b Charles never spoke to his mother during the 4 years c Stolen memories who was she What was the falsehood that she was portraying to you d Was she screwing other men e when parents got divorced proactive debate involving hard copy of photographs the computer a given to Charles from his Dad b develops a love for it i drug like c doesn t have communication with mom this replaces it Halgin You ve got to make a decision you re living with the enemy d I ll give it up No you aren t Charles you ll relapse e You need to get rid of the computer f Next day you re right got rid of it Treatment a Behavioral but need to explore why he has hatred towards women b Halgin the absence is a presence i Regarding Charles mother by not talking to her for 4 years doesn t mean hes not thinking about her and that she isn t there ii Committed to treatment iii Moved to Seattle relapsed after a year iv Halgin You need to see someone again Sex and love addict anonymous a Block filter keystroke monitoring b Not going to access these sites again c Keystrokes are recorded whats been typed in XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX d Impulse is there I must do it now e By time individual gets around blockade f 2 3 min delay helps disengage individual reconciliation with Mom a After 5 6 years of ignoring her b Helped with all relationships Klyptomania a Impulsive stealing but individual doesn t necessarily want them b Woman everyday in department store stole 4 earrings walks out throws them away c Still arrested and mandated to go to therapy d Husband highly regarded surgeon I feel empty lonely almost like orgasmic high Pyromania a Setting fires without monetary gain b Volunteer firefighters are the most inclined to set them c NOHO 09 set fires two people died sent to jail Compulsive skin picking a Picking until you bleed BIID body integrity identity disorder a Unwanting of body parts b I don t want this arm leg c Video 2

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