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Bulimia nervosa; anorexia nervosa; disorder; distorted body image; purging; gorging

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Psych 380 - Abnormal Psychology
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Psych 380 1nd Edition Lecture 18 Outline of Current Lecture I Bulimia nervosa Current Lecture I II III IV V Bulimia nervosa a Eating disorders are common in males than thought calibrates every calorie always at the gym hyperconscious of muscles Robbie a 31 years old b Brought to attention by his sister and Dr Halgin s former student c Went from 175 lb 110 lb along the way reclusive refused to communicate with family only left to buy food d Specialized treatment e Horrifying stats 1 10 will die from fatal disease or gastrointestinal issues f Family wants to reach out to someone they have a connection with Robbie s sister told her father g Trying to persuade Robbie to go to psychotherapy h He gorges and purges i It is unlikely that he will come in and let down his defenses Used to play Varsity tennis and won many awards a He injured his Achilles tendon b He had to get surgery and go through rehab c He was on a bunch of pain meds d He would eat and the pain meds made him nauseous e He purged and it made him feel better f He started gorging on food and then going home and purging to make himself feel better afterwards He eventually went back to work a His boss said that he looked really bad couldn t be in the front of the store b His teeth looked awful from all of the stomach acid they were decayed and rotted i looks like moth eaten holes in teeth c Boss put him in the back room d He walked in on him purging in the men s room e He told him he couldn t work there anymore esp since it is a sports store f He locked himself in his room and was in a semi psychotic state g Lost his sensibility Video of woman with bulimia a Will do anything to avoid weight gain These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute b c d e VI VII Purges after eating massive amount of food Exercises a lot uses laxatives Young white women in middle upper class are most likely to get it At 18 years old she got her wisdom teeth out and lost a lot of weight i This felt good being so thin ii She realized that she could lose weight by throwing up after eating iii She tried to get her friends to do it but they thought it was disgusting f she started not letting herself eat until 3 pm and then would lose control over her ability to eat g she would be engrossed in her food h she was a waitress and would neglect her tables when she was gorging i she would binge purge daily j no control when she has food k can t stop it l control over not binging can t help it m example of what she would eat i loaf of bread with a pound of butter ii a plate of scrambled eggs and hash browns iii 8 pieces of French toast iv 5 danishes v finish with chocolate or sweets n eats an unusual amount o after purge thinks thank god I could get all of that out p determines how much is still left inside her q she has been unable to overcome her problem r wants to break the cycle s harder to purge everytime t she inserts plastic bags into her throat in order to make herself gag throw up u she has tried antidepressants therapy and acupuncture v OA support groups w Natural medicine x The only thing that has sort of worked is therapy Recurrent binge episodes 1 a Eating in 2 hour period excessive amount b Lack of control of eating during episode c Compensatory behaviors to prevent weight gain vomiting laxatives diuretics or meds fasting excessive exercise d At least once per week for 3 months e Self evaluation unduly based on weight and shape Back to Robbie a Would do compulsive exercise b Had a rowing machine would do push ups jumping jacks c He also has anorexia i Distorted body image when he looks in the mirror ii Sees himself as obese in the mirror d Bulimeraxia i Mixture of the two e Robbie thought he was fat VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX XX f Refused to turn the lights on g He would go days without eating sometimes In July Robbie agreed to come in but never showed for the session a His parents told him that they are killing them as he commits this slow suicide b The same thing happens in August c He looks like a skeleton his teeth are rotten he has gaunt eyes d They say they are going to call the hospital but he won t give up control e He wants to control when things go into his body and when they leave f Would he accept a phone call from Dr Halgin Yes Dr Halgin says to Robbie here is the situation a I am concerned about your life b You are dying c He says it is my life and I am doing what I want to do d Since he is an athlete and hates the prospect of losing e Dr Halgin asks him why he is forfeiting his life why aren t you giving yourself the chance to compete f Are you calling me a loser g Yeah you aren t even trying h It took a lot of urging but eventually Robbie came in i Dr Halgin was horrified j Had never seen anyone so malnourished k He looked like he had just gotten out of a concentration camp l He didn t even know how he could walk m He sent him to the emergency room immediately n The doctor said that he was within 24 hours of death and that they had never seen a person living with such low potassium levels o They kept him against his will and he was very angry p He gained some weight When he got out they sent him to a social worker who he didn t really click with He wanted something more challenging He went to a physician and nutritionist Also went to a strength and conditioning coach Got dental implants most of his teeth were removed Got on board Was at 150 155 lb Leveled off and came out of fog was a success story Video anorexia in 1990 s home for anorexic bulimic people a Center in home like atomosphere b They were sued because they didn t have medically trained staff and people could potentially die c Thousands of people contacted them d Process weighed them backwards so they couldn t see e Took responsibility for their weight f Positive reinforcement g Costs less than hospital Occasionally Robbie would have a relapse wouldn t show up and said he had car problems overslept Demon is going to be …

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