Opposition to the war

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Opposition to the war

This lecture covers the opposition to the Vietnam war.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 29 Outline of Last Lecture I. Vietnam war (1954-1973) II. US involvement in south Vietnam III. Johnson takes over the war IV. The war escalates V. Tet Offensive, January 30, 1968 Outline of Current Lecture I. Opposition to the war II. 1968 Presidential Election III. Nixon Escalates the war IV. End of Vietnam War V. Nixon at home VI. Nixon goes down Current Lecture  Opposition to the war o Opposition to the draf  20% of the soldiers in the war are drafees and a lot of the opposition to the draf comes from college campuses (even though they really were not the target)  The draf for Vietnam was really unfair because there were a ton of deferments that were given (including being a full-time student)  If you were poor, the chance of you getting drafed was very high o 1968 Democratic national convention  People are getting really mad at Johnson because he expanded the war and he is seeing that he is getting really unpopular  His secret service will not allow him to make speeches at college campuses or at the 1968 Democratic convection because the threat of assassination is too high  Johnson says he will no longer be running for office in the next election round  Robert Kennedy will be a really good front runner for this next election round but is assassinated  Martin Luther King is also assassinated this year  The mayor of Chicago at the time will hear about the amounts of protest that will go on and calls upon the Chicago police

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