World War II in the Pacific

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World War II in the Pacific

This lecture covers WWII in Asia as well as the Holocaust.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture I. Works progress administration, 1935 II. Opposition to the New Deal III. Legislative achievements IV. FDR and court packing V. End of the New Deal Outline of Current Lecture I. Pacific Theater of Operations II. Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942 III. Battle of Midway, June 1942 IV. Invade Japan V. Battle of Iwo Jima, Feb.-Mar. 1945 VI. Battle of Okinawa, Apr.-Jun. 1945 VII. Double Victory VIII. Atomic bomb IX. Japanese war atrocities X. The Holocaust Current Lecture  Pacific Theater of Operations o Pearl Harbor’s attack destroyed a lot of our resources but the one thing that it did not destroy were the air crafters  Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942 o Stopped the Japanese threat to Australia  The first battle ever in which the ships do not see actually see the opposing fleets  This is done entirely through aircraft war that took off from one fleet to the other  There were not just American and Japanese ships but also Australian and Dutch ships  The allied fleet beats the Japanese through aircraft in this battle and we battle it out until it was basically a draw (there is no clear winner in terms of losses)  Battle of Midway, June 1942 o The Japanese want to take this small island due to the base of operations stationed in this area and Japanese can attack Hawaii any time they want (something that was a threat to the US) o By this point in the war, the US has more or less cracked the Japanese naval code

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