TAMU ANSC 210 - Show Cats and Pocket Pets (5 pages)

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Show Cats and Pocket Pets

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Show Cats and Pocket Pets


This lecture went over the rest of the popular cat breeds and went of the basics of cat showing. An overview of furry pocket pets was also covered.

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Ansc 210 - Companion Animal Science

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ANSC 210 1nd Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Previous Lecture I II III IV V VI VII VIII Pick the Dog and Owner Examples Dog Showing Judging Dog Shows Dog Show Lingo Performance Dog Shows Cats Cat Fanciers Association Most Popular Purebred Cats Outline of Current Lecture I II III IV Most Popular Cat Breeds Cat Showing Pocket Pets a Hamsters b Rats c Mice d Gerbils e Guinea Pigs f Chinchillas Rodent Reproduction Current Lecture I Most Popular Pedigreed Cat Breeds a Abyssinian i Ticked coat ii Most common colors are ruddy sorrel blue fawn silver turtle red and cream iii Egyptian cat iv Temperament extrovert stubborn intelligent active v Size 6 10 lbs vi Thought to be from Egypt b Birman These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute II i Blue eyes ii Long hair iii White feet iv Seal point and blue point are shown on the slide v Large and stocky 8 12 lbs vi From Burma vii Gentle and quiet c American Shorthair i Very thick coat ii Huge round eyes iii 80 coat colors iv Silver tabby color is common v Temperament affectionate good with other pets and kids vi Size 9 18 lbs vii No medical concerns viii Long lived ix Was not changed much from the domestic short hair x Fairly recent breed xi Genes are pretty diverse still xii Chubby rounder cat d Oriental i Like a Siamese but has 300 coat colors ii Shor and longhair varieties iii Long legs and ears small head iv Temperament active and vocal v Size 6 12 lbs e Sphinx i From Canada in 1960s ii Hairless breed iii Pigmented skin sometimes iv Wrinkled skin v Bred for people who like cats but not cat hair vi Bathe oily skin regularly and need to be kept indoors f Scottish fold i Genetic mutation that causes floppy ears ii Looks like DSH or American Shorthair iii Quiet and affectionate iv Can have skeletal abnormality v Common Cat Showing a Cat Fancier s Association i 600 clubs in USA Japan and Canada ii Abbreviated CFA b There are

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