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Reli 1000 - Introduction to Religious Studies

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RELI 1000 Lecture 3 Outline of Current Lecture II What Really is the Origin of Religion III Animism Edward Burnett Taylor 1832 1917 IV Magic James George Frazer 1854 1941 Current Lecture Taylor 1832 1941 o E B Taylor was born in 1832 in Camberwell London to o His parents Joseph Taylor and Harriet Skipper were Quakers and owned a London brass factory o He was influenced by both Christianity and theories of evolution Charles Darwin everything in society evolves Education o A self educated anthropologist Professor at Oxford University o Pioneered the field of cultural anthropology o Studied customs beliefs of people who lived in primitive conditions Pre historic communities Tribal communities of the present day o Thesis How did ideas like the soul and the spirit come to be Famous work Primitive Culture 1871 Social Evolution o Influence of social evolutionism A cultural mindset based on the assumption that all societies and cultures evolve from primitive to civilized societies o Humans and religions in these societies evolved as well These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Progress began with hunting food gathering farming trade and industrialization Early humans Savages were primitive who hunted and gathered food In middle ages they adopted agriculture farming Modern cultures embrace trade science and industry The origin of religion o Pre historic people primitive savages developed religion out of the need to explain puzzling and threatening aspects of human existence e g death dreams trances and visions o Death was puzzling because the dead seemed to live in dreams memories other psychic phenomena o Religion is the belief in spiritual beings All religions ancient or modern are about belief in spiritual beings beings that think act and feel like human beings personified Animism o Religion emerged from the failure of savages to distinguish between waking and

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