ECU RELI 1000 - Sacred & Holy cont. (2 pages)

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Sacred & Holy cont.

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Sacred & Holy cont.


sacred & holy

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East Carolina University
Reli 1000 - Introduction to Religious Studies

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RELI 1000 Lecture 5 Outline of Current Lecture II Is the holy the sacred the essence of Religion Current Lecture Sacred objects Sacred Space Sacred objects are ordinary things that are set apart They disclose the sacred power o E g trees stones mountains houses natural or human artifacts churches Mosques Synagogues Temples dress etc Sacred space is set apart for experiencing the holy It is a hierophany an opening to the holy or divine It is the Axis Mundi the center of the world the axis on which world rotates o Moses on Mount Sinai Exodus 3 5 o Jacob s vision Gen 28 12 22 Examples The Kaba in Islam a small cubic house in the Great Mosque of Mecca dedicated to Allah as God s house Mount Zion Jerusalem for Jews Mount Golgotha for Christians Bodhi tree for Buddhists Buddhist stupa pagoda a place where cremated remains of the Buddha and hs relics were interred It symbolizes the path of enlightenment Sweat Lodge Ritual The sweat lodge is a Native American healing ritual Water and herbs are sprinkled on heated rocks that have been placed inside an earthendug pit for purging toxins out of the physical body o Mental Healing The experience helps free the mind from distractions offering clarity o Spiritual Healing The sweat lodge provides a place for connecting to the planet and the spirit world These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Physical Healing The ritual helps purify the organs of the body the blood the heart lungs liver kidneys etc Sacred time Sacred time is that time set apart for worship holy days festivals Sacred ritual activities set aside for the sacred Conclusion o The sacred refers to a mysterious force or power known to others as God that is said to be the ultimate source of life o It manifests in things like the supernatural God gods Brahma Nirvana ancestors ghosts magic etc

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