ECU RELI 1000 - Exam 3 Study Guide (10 pages)

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Exam 3 Study Guide

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Exam 3 Study Guide


reli 1000 exam 3 sg

Study Guide
East Carolina University
Reli 1000 - Introduction to Religious Studies

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RELI 1000 Exam 3 Study Guide Religion Society Society Society A group of humans animals or plants of a single species that is collectively related in an interdependent way Social institutions government family education legal systems religion economic health political cultural Emile Durkheim on Society French Sociologist born 1858 Works The Division of Labor 1893 The Rules of Sociological Method 1895 Suicide 1897 The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life 1912 Investigated how the society functions especially what binds it together is noted for arguing that God is the society Goals of society Social solidarity order is fundamental to society Each social institutions functions to promote social order Society acts like an organism with various parts social institutions each which must function to promote social harmony Religion Society Religion emerged from the needs to promote harmony in the community Morality taboos and other rules are the reason form religion Religion is a social expression that enhances solidarity Ritual creates heightened emotion collective effervescence that is reified to control humans The relationships between humans and the supernatural world is similar to that between individuals and the community Religious Agents Authority Religious authority It s rooted in the sacred the divine the invisible reality It can be a double edged sword example May sanction good as well as evil Religious agents Prophets sages saints priests shape influence social behavior Jesus Muhammad Moses Charisma Charisma a unique compelling authority possessed by a person his her teachings Max Weber Most religious leaders are charismatic and they often enlists disciples Zoroaster Zoroastrianism Jesus Christianity Buddha Buddhism Muhammad Islam Moses Judaism Routinization of Charisma Organization of a religion to survive the death of its leader Muhammad and Islam Jesus and Christianity Buddha and Buddhism Many voluntary groups especially cults don t survive this crisis

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