ECU RELI 1000 - Religion In The 21st Century (4 pages)

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Religion In The 21st Century

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Religion In The 21st Century


lecture 19

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East Carolina University
Reli 1000 - Introduction to Religious Studies

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RELI 1000 1st Edition Lecture 15 Religion in the 21st Century Challenges Reactions and the way Forward Challenges Challenges Science Modernization Secularism Pluralism Materialism Social Issues Reactions Responses Interfaith Intra faith movements Fundamentalism Movements New Religious Movements Modernization Modernization Social change is facilitated by advancements in technology production and consumption Societies evolve by progressing from barbarism to greater levels of development civilization Assumptions Modern states should be wealthier more powerful Citizens in these states should be free have a higher standard of living Societies that are not open to change are barbaric harmful to progress development Indigenous culture religions must be replaced by modern often Westernized one Soon religion will decline as science takes over in a secular world Secularization These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Secularization is the process of social transformation by which the society stops to identify with religious institutions Social progresses will lead to less dependence of society on religion as religions loses position of authority The separation of religion and society A secular state is a modern because it separates state matters from religious matters Pluralism Globalization brings people together Creation of a universal culture as religions begin to transcend local place of origin Muslims Christians Jews Buddhists Hindus indigenous practitioners find themselves living together The challenge Questions of validity arises Who among these is right Social issues The challenge of social issues arises amidst facts such as poverty injustice sexism racism etc How are religions to respond to these issues Are they to remain disengaged Reactions Responses to Challenges 1 Exclusivism The view that one s religion is the only true and valid religion 2 Other

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