ECU RELI 1000 - Exam 1 Study Guide (3 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Lectures 1-5

Study Guide
East Carolina University
Reli 1000 - Introduction to Religious Studies

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RELI 1000 Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 5 Lecture 1 2 Insider o A participant one with first hand experience o Positively biased in describing their religion Outsider o Detached lacks experience usually very critical prejudice Both contribute to the understanding of religion Religion o A system of symbols which acts to establish powerful pervasive long lasting motivations in people o Why are humans religious Humans are religious animals Humans possess the ability to reflect upon existential questions Humans are in search of meaning o Why study religion To understand ourselves To overcome ignorance To comprehend our culture To achieve global perspective Lecture 3 Edward Taylor o Influenced by Christian theories Charles Darwin s theory of evolution o Studied customs beliefs of the primitive o Work Primitive Culture o Influence the idea that all societies cultures evolved from primitive to civilized societies o Origin of religion came from the need to explain puzzling threatening aspects of human existence death dreams vision o Religion is the belief in spiritual beings that think act feel like human beings o Evolution of religion Nature spirits progressed towards belief in polytheism then monotheism Soul spirit Animism primal Deities many gods Polytheism Single god Monotheism Animism o Emerged from being unable to distinguish between waking sleeping the living the dead o Belief that everything has a soul or spirit o Nature spirits plants animals mountains ect o Primal form of religion James Frazer o Influenced by Taylor o Work The Golden Bough o Magic is the origin of religion with 3 stages Magical Religious Scientific o Humans want to have control over the world their destinies o Need for the control led to magic o Magic lowest form of religion Lecture 4 Karl Marx o o o o Jew who s father made them convert to Christianity to avoid the Nazis Communist advocate Work communist manifesto Argument Reality is primary Force that drives all history super structure Ideas are

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