TAMU ARCH 350 - Modernismo in Spain (3 pages)

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Modernismo in Spain

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Modernismo in Spain


Brief history of Barcelona and the early works of Antoni Gaudi and his contribution to Modernismo Architecture.

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Arch 350 - Hist/Theor Mod/Cont Arch
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ARCH 350 1st Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture I Aspects of Art Nouveau II Eugene Viollet le Duc III Structural Rationalism IV Art Nouveau Importance of new materials and techniques A General Trends V Art Nouveau La Belle poque VI Art Nouveau in Brussels Belgium B Victor Horta a Hotel Tassel VII b Maison du Peuple Art Nouveau in Paris France A Henri van de Velde a Office od Meier Graefe b Interior desgins c Dresses B Hector Guimard a Castel Beranger b Metro Station Outline of Current Lecture I Spain near 1900 II Modernismo in Barcelona III Catalan Traditions IV Antoni Gaudi A Palau G ell Barcelona B Park G ell Barcelona C Casa Battlo Barcelona These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Current Lecture Art Nouveau Moderismo I Spain near 1900 boom of both cultural and intellectual life flourishing metal and textile industry II Modernismo in Barcelona Affiliations with Catholic nationalist and politically conservative Moorish Mudejar motifs were used to suggest regional identity Dominated by the figure of Gaud and his premises Architecture must start from mechanical conditions of building Viollet le Duc s principle Imagination of the architect should be free of all stylistic conventions III Catalan Traditions Catalan bricks and vaults Mosaics Moorish style mudejar IV Antoni Gaud 1852 1926 he had a lot of physical problems in his childhood that lead him to spend many hours expanding his creative side and appreciate nature idiosyncratic expression Catalan influenced by the writings of Ruskin Gothic Revival poetic and mystic reaction his work was in part an abstraction of medieval forms natural and mathematical aspects in his works family line of ironsmiths A Palau G ell Barcelona 1885 9 Looks down narrow street of place and see parabolic arches on exterior curved linear iron work and coat of arms between arches second story is projected out in a tribune

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