Protestant Reformation

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Protestant Reformation

Context and contributing factors of the Protestant Reformation.

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hist 158 - EARLY MODERN EUROPE Lecture 3

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HIST 158 1st Edition Lecture 8 Outline of Last Lecture I. Capitalism and Economic Expansion a. Shift of production b. Specialized cities c. Discovery and Exploration of the world d. Economic Expansion in Europe e. Traditional Morality v. Capitalism Outline of Current Lecture I. Protestant Reformation a. Context b. Contributing factors i. Corruption of Medieval Church ii. The Renaissance Current Lecture I. Protestant Reformation- 16th century Western Christendom/Roman Catholicism split as a result of the Protestant Reform a. Context i. Before this time, the idea that “working hard leads to success” was alien ii. From a religious standpoint, it was even shameful to put all focus on profit seeking and not God iii. Ideas of individuality and personal relationships with God were emphasized b. Factors that may have contributed to the Reformation i. Medieval Church- abuse theory 1. Idea that popes and the church were corrupt These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor’s lecture. GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes, not as a substitute.

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