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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Comprehensive overview of every Hist 158 lecture this fall.

Study Guide
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hist 158 - EARLY MODERN EUROPE Lecture 3

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HIST 158 1ST Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lecture 1 August 21 Significant splits Fall of Rome in 476 o A clash of civilization o The decline of the Roman Empire was actually a slow process that had many contributing factors External forces Barbaric forces called The Franks brutally take over Internal forces Religious economic and political turmoil o Roman Empire splits Western Roman Empire Rome Eastern Roman Empire Constantinople Roman Catholic Church West v Orthodox Church East o Great Schism of 1054 Christianity and Islam o Muslims Arabic groups invasions led to the split Overall the church becomes a powerful political force o The Pope excommunicates the Emperor for naming bishops against his will and the Emperor is forced to formally apologize o People become extremely religious and superstitious Lecture 2 August 26 Society economy and technological scientific advances Society and Economy o Three divisions noble clergy peasants Fixed divisions that often caused tensions o Economy long decline revival starting in 11th century o Burghers people living in the cities often part of the middle class People heard of the opportunities in the cities and moved Became a very attractive ideal peasants were no longer bound to the land town air makes one free Cities grew and economy was stimulated o Famines and The Black Plague 1347 Wiped out a third of European society Science Technology and Exploration o People thought they were living in special times o Major technical innovations The Printing Press 1435 1450 A collaborative invention Glutenberg Fust Schoffer China block printing and paper Flanders ink Germany advanced metal and working skills Global effects o Scholarship accuracy collaborative accessibility o Dissemination of ideas on a global scale o New learned class in the cities not only clergy had access to books and newspapers o Revolutionized the way people would read and write The New Warfare 1450 1500 Trebuchet machine to project throw stones Gunpowder to build

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