World War I

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World War I

This lecture covers World War one and American neutrality in WWI.

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HIST 106 2nd Edition Lecture 15 Outline of Last Lecture I. The 1912 election II. Implementing new freedom III. Expanding new freedom IV. Racism and progressivism V. African-American leaders organize Outline of Current Lecture I. Introduction II. The origins of conflict III. American attitudes IV. The economy of war V. The diplomacy of neutrality VI. The battle over preparedness Current Lecture  Introduction o Not many Americans would be prepared for the war even though it began in Europe in 1914 o Americans supported neutrality (let the world deal with their own problems)  The origins of conflict o Intro/context  Tensions really flourished during this time  A lot of different alliances divided Europe into different blocs  Great Britain and France and Russia  Austria-Hungary and Germany o One assassin to ignite the world  Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (Austria-Hungary) ignited the attack of Austria-Hungary of Serbia  Germany attacks France through neutral Belgium o “The grave of nations”  Europe had huge armies and 20th century technologies intersected with battles and this intersection brought a lot of fatalities  The futures of many family blood lines were eliminated in a matter of minutes  The belligerence subordinated their economic tolerances and economies to help out those on the battle field  American attitudes o Intro/context  Few Americans had expected the blood and gore on this level

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