Protecting Big Businesses

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Protecting Big Businesses

This lecture covers how the government protected big businesses as well as anti-trust laws.

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HIST 106 2nd Edition Lecture 10 Outline of Last Lecture I. Farmers protest inequality II. The people’s party III. Going national IV. Challenges of the depression V. Appeals for federal action Outline of Current Lecture I. Context II. Encountering exotic cultures III. Initial imperialist ventures IV. The Spanish-American-Cuban-Filipino war of 18989 V. Critics of American imperialism Current Lecture  Context o Americans are turning culture into a commodity (this has never stopped being a good thing) o The opening of Asia to American trade combined with the military challenges stimulated the US Navy’s growth in the 1890s  Encountering exotic cultures o Intro o Awakening American ignorance—and urges o Commodifying multiculturalism  Initial imperialist ventures o Intro/context o Making connections  In order for the US to be a world power, it must venture out and make connections to get goods  The US negotiated for pearl harbor and Hawaii o Dock-blocking the Euros  In 11895, the US let Britain know that they would go to war if the Europeans kept setting up colonies in the western hemisphere  President Cleveland made it clear that his intention was to enforce the Monroe Doctrine

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