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Two phases Oxidative vs non oxidative Main products NADPH ribose S phosphate NAPPH electron donor Reductive blosynthesis of fatty acids stevolds Repair of oxidative damage Ribosesphosphate biosynthetic precursor ofnucleotides Used in DNA RNA synthesis or synthesis of some coenzymes Oxidative Phase Generates NADPH Pentose givgenygenate shappn nt low soare nat noc lactone a 0 lactonaseana 6 phosphogluconate meantt nono ie phosphabetes conopo ate CH20H coropa Bbsphase theinternate materia CH2OPOS Xylulose S phosphate Non Oxidative Phase Regenerates G G P from R 5 p No ATP used in nonoxidative phase used in tissues requiring more NADPHthan R S P such as liver adipose tissue complete conversion of ribose 5 phosphate to glucose 6 phosphate requires 6 RSP to make 5 G6P Non oxidative Phase results in Net Loss of Carbons butnotenergy Nonoxidative phase Oxidative phase MrT NADPH inthecaseherearewriterintere I Precursors Ribuloses phosphate RiboseS phosphate Glucose Glucosate polysis A pentose pathway 6 Phospho onosphate inon NADPH 1 gluconolactone Ribose S phosphate Isomerase camerase by etolase X ylulose S phosphate oxidative reactions of Wa Adolasev pentosephosphate pathway B onenicerisenoste C 6C s Ma 7 phosphonesee i bisphosphatase Ketolase ancosphate 3 phosphate T phosphates Pentose Glyceraldehyde dyceraldely be S phosphate a phosphate 6 phosphate fructose 16 s Erythroes Xylulose fructose TC Ribulose 5 phosphate can be used to generate ribose 5 phosphate for DNA RNA as well as xylulose S phosphate for non Oxidative ppp Nucleotides coenzymes DNA RNA NADPHregulates partitioning Into Glycolysis versus Pentose Phosphate Pathway

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