BU BI 421 - Lesson 2 Fermentation

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YeastUndergo Ethanol fermentation CO2 IP ic 8 H O pyruvate decarboxylase I CH3 0 Q I CH3 Pyruvate Acetaldehyde NADH H La NAD OM brz CNs Ethanol Express alcohol dehydrogenase for ethand metabolism alcohol dehydrogenase largely used in reverse reaction Two step reduction of pyruvate to ethanol Humans do nothave pyruvate decarboxylase Anaerobic Glycolysis fermentation Generation of energy ATP without consuming oxygen or NAD carbonation in beer Dough rising when baking bread CO2 produced in 1ststep is responsible for No net charge in oxidation state of sugars Reduction of pyruvate to another product RegeneratesNAD for further glycolysis under anaerobic conditions Production of food from beer yogurt soy sauce etc Both steps require cofactors pyruvate decarboxylase Mg thiamine pyrophosphate alcohol dehydrogenase In NAD Animals Undergo Lactic Acid fermentation Reduction of pyruvate to lactate reversible Strenuous exercise lactate builds up in muscle Generally 1 min Acidification of muscle prevents continuous strat Lactate can be transported to liver converted to glucose Requires a recovery time High amountof O2 consumption to fuel gluconeogenesis Restores muscle glycogen stores Ox ONADH H Ox0 I 0 NADno bas lactate dehydrogenase CH3 L Lactate pyruvate 60 25 1 k mol Late 2 Pyruvate

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