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Ion Gated Channels Regulate transportof ions across cell membranes 1 Eprotein coupled receptor external ligand binding to receptor R activates an Intracellular kinase activity by auto GTP binding protein 6 which regulates an enzyme Enz thatgenerates an phosphorylation a Receptor metersingkilases 3 arebluetakenoperation Response cinn change in membrane potential tane restson I ImportantRoles Nervous system Ligand binding to specific receptor sites itrase transcription cascade Nuclear ProteinormeontabinregaterememRNA EsDNAspecific genes DNx envelope inciearreceptor protein Electrically Polarized Membrane Inside Cell mostly charged im 50 outside cell 70my Voltage gated sodium channels Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors Ionotropic glutamate receptor Gamma aminobutyric acid receptor A Asymmetric transportof cations Natk ATPase a The electrogenic Nat K ATPase establishes the membrane potential voltage voltage 2k in 3 Nat out flowofconic species across membrane depends on concentration gradient overall electrical potential werearein assistinthe Nerve Signalinge Propagation of Impulse involves opening of voltage gated Nat channels Voltage Ligand Gated Ion Channels Acetylcholine opens ligand gated on channel on recieving cell Opening of voltage gated Catchannels atthe end ofaxon Nerve signals within nerves propagate as electrical Impulses Triggers release of acetylcholine down their electro chemical gradient b Ions tend to move E Y membrane I

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