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Texian Revolution The first time Santa Anna is president he allows the states have more power and allows them to rule their states and tricks the people into thinking they have control The second time Santa Anna was in power he turned all the power towards himself and now he controls all the states The states don t like the notion of Santa Anna having complete power over them so they start to revolt against him and Santa Anna puts down most them around him Santa Anna sees these revolts and sends out his army to collect all the weapons around him to stop future revolts and loss of power for him In Texas there was a war party that was started and they send officials to talk with Santa Anna but he just imprisons them and when they return to Texas they say they need to get away from Santa Anna because he cannot be reasoned with The War Party is just looking for a reason to start a war with Santa Anna and they get it when a Mexican Calvary in 1835 rides to Gonzales to retrieve a cannon left their but the Texans had got there before them and set up the cannon and fired on them The Mexican Calvary rode back to Santa Anna and told him what had happened and they send troops to Texas The Texans meet the group outside of San Antonio and push them back The gun powder used by Mexican was so weak they could not kill anyone at the battle The Texans then go to San Antonio and fight the Mexican army and win and the army agrees to leave Texas and in 1836 there were no Mexican soldiers in Texas The Texans thought that beating the Mexican army in 1863 they had won and they didn t need to worry about them any more The Texans then realize that Santa Anna wasn t really going to give up Texas that easily so they start setting up defenses around Texas and they think Santa Anna will not get there before early April The Texas strategy was to set up two defenses San Antonio and Gollad and which every is attacked first the other would come and help but Santa Anna attacks both at the same time Santa Anna marches to Texas in December through a blizzard and pushed through to Texas he had 6 000 veteran men and the American have no clue he is doing this In mid February the locals start to bury their valuables and then a few days later the locals all leave and get out of town Then presidents day comes along and they throw a huge party for it and the next morning they see the Mexican Army marching on them All the men fell back to the Alamo for defense and then they send word to Gollad to send reinforcement because the army is in San Antonio David Crockett was in the Alamo at the time Crockett s only flaw was that he went against Andrew Jackson and after being defeated in election he leaves for Texas because he thought he could be a politician there The Alamo holds out for 13 days waiting for reinforcement but Gollad was being attacked so no help comes and finally on March 6 1836 2 000 men and Santa Anna attack at 4 30am There was no warning for the people in the Alamo so the army was so close no one could do anything people were killed trying to escape from Alamo and some people think that a few escaped but they didn t live long after The battle of the Alamo was over before the sun was up 250 Texans were killed and 200 Mexican were killed Santa Anna buried all the bodies in big stacks outside the Alamo At Gollad the Texans surrender all 400 men and the Mexican official sent words to Santa Anna saying what should he do and Santa Anna said kill them all and so they killed all the men there There was still one last Texas army under the control of Sam Houston Sam Houston was born in 1793 in Virginia he ran away from home when he was young and lived with Cherokee Indians if it wasn t for the war of 1812 he would have never been the army and a friend of Andrew Jackson Every time Jackson promoted or moved up in the ranks so does Houston and when Jackson was elected president Houston got the governorship of Tennessee he didn t like being married or the governor so he left and live the Cherokee again In 1832 Houston shows up in Texas practicing law and sense he knew Jackson still he was given the leadership of the Texas Army He knows that he cannot defeat Santa Anna so he retreats east so that he can train more troops and build his army this also spreads out Santa Anna s Army and cuts supplies off When Santa Anna spreads out his army to get supplies for them Houston send his troops to attack the smaller groups one of these battles was San Jacinto in April 21 1836 Houston builds up his army and gives them a pep talk before the battle saying remember the Alamo and Gollad the battle lasted 20 minutes and destroyed the smaller group of Santa Anna They did not take anyone as prisoners they killed 650 Mexican soldiers 700 were captured and many of them were killed running away from the battle Santa Anna ran away from the battle and left when it began but a few days later the capture a farm worker that was Santa Anna in disguise and they make his a document saying that he will give Texas its independence and he will live Andrew Jackson even gives him a feast at the Whitehouse to talk him about the Alamo and the war Santa Anna didn t die till later on Sam Houston is now president of Texas after this battle and later on Santa Ann causes a new war late in the time period

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FSU AMH 3444 - Texian Revolution

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