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Oregon the Orient Oregon J Wyeth Americans Was the most popular in 1830s 40s people destination this was because people thought that the Great Plains couldn t have anything grown on it and because of the mountain ranges The crops could be supplies with the wild game that was all around Oregon and you could go to California at this time also if you went to Texas you were in a country of itself In the 1820s 30s the pacific coast was all about trading of supplies and goods Trade was from Oregon to China and they would come back with all the riches of All whites that went to Oregon where called Boston by the Indian tribes around The US had good claims to Oregon from Lewis and Clarke and from Captain Grey and the two countries Spain and Russia gave up claim to Oregon The Spanish gave Oregon and Florida in 1819 under a treaty to the US The Russians also give up their claim to Oregon and this allows the US and Great Britain to share Oregon for ten year in 1818 to 1828 and after that they redo the contract The first two US citizens to go to Oregon were Hall Jackson Kelly and Nathaniel Kelly was a school teacher that read Lewis and Clarke s journal and wanted to travel there he also wrote about Oregon in the newspapers even though he had never been there Kelly never makes it to Oregon his writings kept Oregon in the for thoughts of Wyeth is a writer and he put Kelly s words into action before this he worked in the ice industry and wanted to make Oregon work for him He wants to send a supply ship to Oregon to carry the heavy building supplies and then send a faster land group to get there to meet the ships and build the new settlements He signed up 31 men and gave them supplies and trained them before sending them to Oregon they live on a Main Island for a few days and then they set out for Oregon The supply ship wrecked on South America and so the men waited for a few days then traveled back telling everyone how awesome Oregon was on the way back With both men writing and Wyeth sending the expedition made Americans want The first permanent settlement set up was by missionaries everyone before this to go to Oregon more now just used it as a trading spot Reverend Jason Lee are the first to establish this settlement the problem that occurs that the Indians that were supposed to want religion never show up Lee goes to the Indians and ask them why they didn t come and they say they never wanted the religion so Lee does services for the passing through fur trappers The next group that came through was Marcus Whitman and he was a single doctor that wanted to go to Oregon and set up another settlement but the church board says no because he is single and they say if married we will send you Marcus the next day goes out on a blind date and marries the girl the next day and so he and his new wife and another couple go to Oregon and start a settlement and write back and this makes people want to go to Oregon even more now Marcus goes out and gives medicine to the Indians and help them even though they don t like church people and in 1847 his family and him are killed Whitman Massacre 1847 Due to the Panic of 1837 people flock to Oregon to get away from all the troubles that were happening In 1843 thousands of people flock to Oregon during this year and many other follow right after These people got to Oregon through the Oregon Trail that ran from Missouri to Oregon and was over 2 000 miles away A family needed 2 500lbs of supplies to make it to Oregon 600lbs was food and it was loaded with carbs Beans Bread dried meat and Coffee was the only maintained occurs on the The cost to get to Oregon was 1 000 and that was everything you would need Oregon trail for the trail You wanted to be in Oregon in late September and not any latter then that because of the harsh weather that would occur there

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